1984 classic ‘Dawns’ new look in 2012


Joe Llorin, Features Editor

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More than two decades after the original film’s release and after being stuck in development since 2009, switching studios from MGM to Film District, and having changed the film’s plot around a little bit, the remake of “Red Dawn” made its patriotic entrance into theatres on Nov. 21, giving Americans yet another thing to be thankful for this holiday season

There are slight differences between this and the original film, but the essential has stayed the same: the Eckert brothers Jed and Matt (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck respectively), with the help of some friends, are forced to act on the spot when their home state of Washington becomes ground zero for a foreign enemy invasion, this time in the form of North Korean forces, as opposed to Russian in the original.

The original movie is notorious for being excessively violent and profane, prompting it become the first American-released film to receive the PG-13 rating from the MPAA, but despite this infamy, the remake is surprisingly almost a complete parody of its ancestor- making a complete mockery of the North Korean army, glorifying warfare as simply one big video game and overall representing the “Red Dawn” name with a much lighter tone than intended. Explosions fill the movie with excitement but the film’s storyline grows stale quickly and thus has to rely on its amount of action to keep the audience engaged.

However, what the film lacks in story, it makes up in its apparent on-screen chemistry between its cast. A certain “bromance” can definitely be seen brewing early in the film between Peck and Hemsworth, adding to their convincing acting performances. Supporting performances by Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson add flavor to the mélange of young talent the cast has to offer.

The action featured in “Red Dawn” is certainly the factor that sets this movie apart from your average shoot-‘em-up film. Explosions are truly one of the few things that you cannot get enough of- whether it be used in the form of C4 to blow up a military truck or a Claymore mine to detonate as soon as enemies cross its path, there is definitely no shortage of boom-boom here.

Overall, “Red Dawn” offers a plethora of young talent, intense and high explosive action sequences, and an all-around acceptable remake of the 1984 classic. The film’s storyline is weak, incredible and predictable but its action will give you more than a bang for your buck.