Mesa Press recaps the greatest of the year in entertainment

Joe Llorin, Features Editor

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2012 by far has been one of the greatest years in entertainment history- with records broken and set, the bar has definitely been raised for years to come. As this year winds down, we as both fans and critics take a look back at the finest in all of entertainment- given that the December 21 theory is proven false.

Best movie: “The Avengers”

As if simply the idea of gathering the world’s mightiest superheroes in a LIVE-action film wasn’t mind-blowing and ballsy enough, when the film finally surfaced in May, the world of comics never seemed larger. With Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man leading the titular superhero cast, there was no shortage of starpower and explosiveness in “Avengers.” With a fair share of comedy and drama and an overload of action and awesomeness, “Avengers” flies above and beyond all other superhero films thus far. Although films naturally become stale after multiple views, the last 45 minutes of “Avengers” always seems to relight the spark of excitement that the movie always seems to bring. Also, thanks to the film, shawarma sales have gone through the roof.

Best TV show: “Breaking Bad”

Anyone and everyone who has been following Walter White in his conquest as King Heisenberg in “Breaking Bad” have become accustomed to the mind-blowing nature of the show, but the show’s fifth and final season thus far have blown fans’ minds to a whole ‘nother level of “holy crap.” Though there’s still half of the season left, fans are still recovering from the show’s half season finale and we are all bracing for what’s left to come. Week after week, the show has been keeping fans on the edges of their seats- whether it’s the classic “charm” of Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman or the manipulating maniac Walter White himself (portrayed masterfully by Bryan Cranston), “Breaking Bad” never seems to disappoint. Fans and critics were shocked when Bryan Cranston was denied the Emmy for Best Lead Male.

Best music album: Taylor Swift’s “Red”

It is unofficially every artist’s goal to portray how far they’ve gone and how much they’ve grown through their music and with “Red,” Taylor Swift has done so- and in glorious fashion. Swift has always been ridiculed throughout her career as immature but she shows her rise to maturity by no longer crying over the break-ups but celebrating them. With tracks like “22” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” this time around she’s made sure that it’s the guy that’s feeling sorry for the break-up.

Best video game: “Halo 4”

After a long five years of missing him, Master Chief made his triumphant return to sock it to the Covenant in “Halo 4,” this time better than ever and sporting a shiny new set of armor. There is no shortage of daunting challenges that the game has to offer and the game brings that classic “Halo” feel that gamers haven’t felt in a long while. If the gameplay or its multiplayer hasn’t won you over by now, the game’s graphics certainly will, as it is by far the nicest game that has ever hit consoles- calling it gorgeous is an understatement.