‘Seventh Son’ fails to captivate moviegoers

'Seventh Son' fails to captivate moviegoers

Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) and John Gregory (Jeff Bridges) must prepare to face supernatural forces. Photo Credit: MCT Campus

Joyce Melendez, Staff Writer

Seventh Son, directed by Sergei Bodrov, is a fantasy film that focuses on John Gregory (Jeff Bridges) and Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) as they attempt to defend humanity from supernatural threats led by Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore). The film takes place in medieval times, though a location is never established. Certain aspects of the film should be commended, but as a whole, the film was a bit lackluster.

To begin with, the storyline had moments that did not seem plausible. The events occur over the span of a week. In that week, Tom Ward is expected to learn about supernatural creatures and train to defeat a powerful witch. Along the way, there is romance involved which is meant to relate the two main characters together, though it seemed a bit unnecessary and diminished the quality of the story.

Like most fantasy films, a lot of effort was put into the scenery. The vast landscape was a bit distracting and led to some impossible scenarios. It seems that in films, individuals are left unscathed despite their bodies enduring some traumatic experiences. Of course films are not realistic, but if there are several incidents that illustrate this concept, it becomes noticeable and questionable. For example, Tom and John are forced to jump off a cliff, shortly after that ordeal Tom goes over a waterfall. Surely, a body would not be able to withstand such trauma

In regards to the acting, the actors did their job and were able to present various emotions and make a decent connection with the audience. Since the film took place in medieval times, the setting also enhanced the experience. The clothing and buildings featured seemed to match the time period.

Another crucial aspect that is important to make note of would be the overall color scheme utilized. It always seemed to be gloomy which may have been used to emphasize the dark forces that are being faced. Fabrics were not very vibrant and therefore did not draw attention away from what was going on.

The storyline was pretty straightforward. Some minor characters could have been focused on a bit more to tie everything together better. Tom’s mother’s background is not expanded on though it is important and impacts her son. Her appearance is short-lived which leaves viewers unsatisfied. In the end, things were explained enough and there was no need for moviegoers to delve deeper into any sort of hidden meanings.

Overall, the film was decent. It is not a must-see but it allows for some entertainment.