“When The Bough Breaks” Movie Review

Tatyana Ratcliff, Staff Writer

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Cast: Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, Jaz Sinclair
Director: John Cassar

With multiple failed pregnancies, exhausted & anxious to start a family, Laura and John Taylor seek a surrogacy mother. During their long, torturous journey, the Taylor’s start to see light at the end of the tunnel. The surrogacy agency that they had been working with, contacts the Taylor’s to showcase a potential surrogacy mother. They are introduced to 21-year-old Anna. Anna is a waitress in the city and is engaged to be married to her fiancé, Mike. She and her boyfriend, Mike seem like a great match for the couple in Laura’s eyes, but something didn’t sit too well with John. Early on into the storyline the audience learns that Mike is abusive toward Anna. The fact that Anna was bearing their only embryo, on top of the fact that domestic violence is unacceptable for anybody to endure, Laura and John move Anna in.
Anna seems like a harmless, innocent girl trying to perform an unselfish deed for a family in need, but the plot thickens. Sneaking looks full of lust, sending inappropriate videos, and physically baring herself to John, Anna was determined to lure him in. Anna’s fantasy of having him all to herself after the baby was born, turned Anna into more of a psychopath than she had been. Her rage when she realized John didn’t have the same thought in mind, caused her to be dangerous to John, Laura and even their baby that she was bearing. John took note of all the inappropriate occasions and firmly told Amy it had to stop before Laura found out. Concerned about his wife’s experience through the process, John did not want to shed light on this crazy Amy situation to his wife so he played it cool. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hide it any longer. Amy started to get out of hand. A broken lawn table, shattered glass on the ground and a screaming pregnant woman waving a knife in the air is all that was seen by the time the police were outside of the Taylor residence.
Anyone who reads this review will come into their own understanding about the characters. But I think we can all agree that Amy’s intentions may not have been pure from the beginning. One may also add that she has a sick and twisted mind for a 21-year-old woman. Has anyone been wondering about where her fiancé, Mike, went? I guess you will just have to watch the movie to find out.
Spoiler alert: Though the movie was okay, but the ending was a complete dud. If I had to rate it, it would be a 3 out of 5 stars and 1 thumb up, only because Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall demolished their roles. These 2 are completely talented actors and have accomplished so much in their acting careers, so though I may sound like I’m being a little biased, in total honesty they are the reason the movie didn’t sink completely.

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