How to de-stress this finals season

Kyla Esquivel, Sports Editor

This past finals season seemed to have a lot of people feeling more overwhelmed than ever before. As college apps have come and gone and many students are planning their futures after Mesa, many are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. But during  all the homework, all the studying and all the stress, what is the best way to stay calm and achieve these goals?

According to EasyBibs, there are many ways to keep your cool this finals season. One way to organize yourself and take away some stress through all the craziness and loads of work is create a study plan. By writing down everything you have to do, in an organized manner by class and due date, you will be more likely to remember assignments and take away all the stress that comes with procrastinating.

With all the assignments and studying going on, be careful to not forget about taking care of yourself. Take frequent  breaks to eat, drink water, and more importantly, sleep. When the body is just as stressed as the mind is, it can take focus away from what is important, which will only lead to even more stress. Drinking water is especially important this finals season because as much as we can hope and try to get enough sleep, many college students rely on caffeine to keep them going and while this is socially acceptable, it will dehydrate you body and in the long run leave you feeling more tired.

Taking time for yourself and for school is very important. As much as you may want to or feel the need to work that extra shift, committing to every opportunity that comes your way will only take your time away and stress you out. Stepping away from work for a few days for the sake of school won’t kill you, and sometimes is just what you need to calm down and buckle down.