Disneyland-like resort focuses on Christianity


A rendering of the "Wailing Wall" replica that will be at the Legacy Center opening fall 2019 Photo Credits: LegacySanDiego.org

Serena Randazzo, Staff Writer

A $160 million religious 18-acre resort being built in the center of San Diego’s Mission Valley area.

The resort will include a 127 luxury room hotel with spa and resort pool, along with an interactive globe, conference center, History Dome Theater, and other tourist attractions. Televangelist Morris Cerullo is the founder of this project that will be known as the Legacy International Center.

This project was approved by San Diego City Council in October 2017 and construction for the project began in December 2017. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, after many people voiced their opinions about the project. Local religious leaders praised Cerullo and the idea of the development, but the LGBTQ community strongly opposed the concept and the potential for increased traffic in the area. It is also said that larger events being held at the Legacy Center will not start or end during high commute times. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, Cerullo says this project was a “fulfillment of a vision, a dream that God gave to me.” The Tribune wrote that project manager Jim Penner hoped that once the center opens fall 2019 and the public is able to walk around and experience all it has to offer the public’s concerns will disappear.

One of the main attractions will be the 4-D History Dome Theater. According to its website LegacySanDiego.org, the theater will have a 56-foot domed screen and 100 full-motion seats. The website says this is where viewers can experience the showcasing of “Wings of Israel” and “soar over the amazing land of history, kings and prophets.” Their website also says visitors  will be able to experience “Walk through the Bible,” which it describes as “an incredible cinematic journey through major events of this historic and best selling book of all time.”

In the Welcome Center there will be an interactive globe where touching a panel will bring the map to life. With this interactive globe visitors will be able to learn about the people, politics, populations, prosperity and poverty of the world. There will be a 100-foot long and 16 foot tall replica of the “Wailing Wall”  in Jerusalem that will be called “The Western Wall.” Also at the Legacy Center will be an International Market that will resemble old world shops. The International Market is promised to have goods from places like Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America according to LegacySanDiego.org. The Legacy Center will have gardens, a Legacy Plaza Fountain and two restaurants, fine dining at Theresa’s and for a more casual cuisine at The Legacy Pavillon.

The resort will have room accommodations from Guest Rooms that will have a minimum of 400 square feet to Deluxe Guest Rooms that will have a balcony to view San Diego’s sunsets. And also Signature Suites that will have space up to 550 square feet with a mini bar and spacious sitting areas. The Executive Suites will have 1,250 square feet with two guest rooms, fireplace, a balcony overlooking Mission Valley, a full kitchen, valet parking, and spa services. The Legacy International Center will be open to the public in fall 2019.