Netflix’s new hit show ‘Emily in Paris’ stirs up mixed reviews


Netflix/Star Tribune/TNS

Lily Collins stars in “Emily in Paris.”

Zenyase Gonzalez, Staff Writer

A new Netflix original series has managed to climb up to the streaming service’s Top 10 list just a week after its release. The new hit show “Emily in Paris” is brought to you by Darren Star, the creator of “Sex and The City”, and it is packed with romance, comedy, and drama. 

The show follows a 20-something girl named Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, who moves from Chicago to Paris in order to bring an American perspective to a Parisian marketing company. The eager Emily arrives at her new job ready to sweep everyone off their feet with her great marketing techniques. However, her major faux pas is that she can’t speak French. Going into a new job and not knowing the native language seems like a recipe for disaster. However, she conveniently encounters characters that speak perfect English.  

Throughout the 10 episodes, you only see Emily attend a French class about two times. At the end of the season, you’d expect her to embrace a little of the French culture or language — she eventually learns what being called “la plouc” means: the hick. At her work, she constantly tries to convert her French co-workers to her American ways, which the audience is countlessly reminded that is something you shouldn’t do with French people. At one point, her boss, Sylvie, is finally done with Emily and attempts to fire her. 

Emily’s outfits are not easy on the eyes, but the cast and beautiful French scenery are. The show’s production took place in Île-de-France, France. Luckily, the cast and scenery are able to distract the viewers from the unrealistic factors they’ve put into the show, like her rapid rise as an influencer, or the fact that she didn’t know a word of French when she arrived at her new job. You start to criticize the show but then think, “well living in Paris does seem nice,” thus painting the image that you too could move to Paris with no French language skills.

 With a rating of TV-MA, you can expect sex and nudity, alcohol, drugs, and smoking. Star has created a cheesy show that is being hated on by most French people but is absolutely entrancing the minds of American Netflix users. It’s a show that is so addictingly cliché that it makes it hard to stop watching. Although the show can be cheesy filled with romance, comedy, drama, and a good looking cast, it is worth a watch.