Tips & Tidbits: Saving Money in San Diego

Laura Sonnenfelt

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10 Pacific Theaters- Instead of heading down to the local AMC Theater and paying $10 per ticket, go a little out of your way to the Pacific 6 Theater on University Avenue. Student tickets are only $6, and most major films are playing just as often.
Price: Cheap. Can’t go wrong with a $6 movie.

9 Ferry Rides- For a romantic evening, drive down to North Harbor Drive and take a ferry over to Coronado Island. It’s only $2.25 one-way, and ferries run from 9am to 9:30pm. This way you won’t have to worry about horrendous parking in Coronado. Spend the night walking down Orange Street, or sneak into the world famous Hotel Del Coronado and soak up the luxury. And if that fails, there’s the beautiful, also world famous, beaches. Grab dinner at a quirky diner (I suggest Night and Day Caf

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