Tips & Tidbits: Saving Money in San Diego

Laura Sonnenfelt

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10 Aeropostale- Buying clothes for other people is hard, but if you know size, and style preference, Aeropostale is your store. Their sales are always amazing especially with the clearance 50% off their already low-ticketed price.
Good for: Guy and girl friends, and siblings. If you don’t know sizes, they’ve got socks, which are always comfy, belts and purses. But go for it and guess the size. Stick to t-shirts and sweaters, those are easier to guess size-wise.

9 Salvation Army- Yes, it seems a little morbid, but anyone who’s been to one lately knows what kind of awesome stuff people give away. Jewelry boxes that have intricate details for $5, nice watches that just need a new battery for $20. The prices are hard to beat.
Good for: Family and friends who like vintage. You’ll be sure to find some fancy china for the grandparents, or maybe even that old cowboy hat that your roommate has been dying for.

8 It’s wondrous. Pretty much anything you could ever imagine wanting can be found on at a serious discount. It may take a little hunting, but buying anything worth buying on the internet does.
Good for: Lots of people! Go browsing and you can find stuff for people you didn’t even think about getting a gift for.

7 Bed Bath and Beyond- They’ve got tons of crazy, never thought you’d need but really want stuff. Most of their merchandise is for the home, but some things are just too cool to pass up. Get a super fuzzy blanket, or a towel warmer, not that you’d need either in San Diego.
Good for: Family, or friends living on their own. Get someone a gift they’ll use everyday, but never thought they’d want.

6 EBay- Have a friend who loves records, or maybe a family member who collects weird figurines? EBay is the way to go. Pretty much anything can be found on eBay, and by bidding on it you can pretty much choose the price.
Good for: Friends and family who enjoy oddball gifts that you can’t find anywhere else.

5 Costco- If you’ve got a card, or can tag along with a friend, Costco is a prime place to be to get your holiday shopping done. Food aside, their entertainment department has cheap bundle packs of DVDs. They also have movie ticket bundles for cheaper. Buy the tickets there and redeem them at any AMC theater. Or, make gift baskets with Summer Sausage, cheese, and crackers, its typical, but seriously, who doesn’t like cheese, crackers, and sausage?
Good for: Moviegoers, and hungry people.

4 Wal-Mart- Yes, shopping at Wal-Mart during the Holiday season can be a pain, and make you wish it was mid-July, but it’s hard to beat their prices. They have a wide selection of departments, with even more holiday ideas. Stop by the photo lab and then the housewares department. While the picture of you and your family is being printed, pick out a nice frame and bag to put it in. It’s an easy and thoughtful gift that will cost around $15.
Good for: Adults and little kids. Toys there are the cheapest you can get, just so long as you can stand the loud noise and crowded aisles.

3 Dollar store- These places are awesome for stocking stuffers. Instead of getting everyone you know a gift, buy a bunch of stockings, use glitter glue to make them personalized, and fill the little suckers up with fun junk. Who doesn’t like a Slinky? Or perhaps some Silly String to “decorate” the house with. You can also get cheap decorations, and wrapping paper here.
Good for: Almost anyone who wants to act like a child for the day.

2 Blockbuster/Hollywood video- For movie buffs and gamers, this is the perfect place to get their gifts. The four previously owned DVDs for $20 deals are outrageously good, especially considering some of the new releases are part of the deal.
Good for: Anyone who collects or enjoys watching movies. Yes, you have to buy four in order to get the deal, but hey, that could knock four people off your list for $20.

1 Target- Honestly, it doesn’t get a lot easier than this. Target is your one stop holiday shopping store. Here you can get everyone from grandma and gramps to the roommate down the hall covered. Cheap gift sets are set out on the main aisles to attract you, and even more good stuff waits. Their candle selection is much larger than Wal-Mart’s for those who want an easy out.
Good for: Everyone. Especially friends you don’t know too well. Making “gift baskets” is easy here, things are cheap, and in a wide abundance.

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