“Edge of Darkness” Not Too Edgy

Andrew Fergin

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A bright moon rises over a river somewhere in the mountains welcomed only by the sounds of crickets. The water is smooth and unbroken save for the three corpses slowly floating to the surface.

“Edge of Darkness” is the newest film from director Martin Campbell. For those unfamiliar with Campbell’s work he also directed “Casino Royale”, “The Legend of Zorro”, and “Vertical Limit” as well as the British television show, “Edge of Darkness”, which his latest movie is a remake of.

“Edge of Darkness” stars Mel Gibson in the lead role of Thomas Craven, a gray-haired Bostonian detective, who only minutes into the film loses his daughter (played by actress Bojana Novakovic) to a masked gunman. If this sounds only subtly different from the premise of the film “Taken” by Pierre Morrel, it is with good reason as the plot is only minorly different. The primary difference (excluding the vital state of the main character’s daughter) is that

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