Professional quality graphics are rewarded at Mesa

Emy Takada

May 30, 2006

Mesa College hosted the Forth Annual Mesa Multimedia Awards in a high-tech event at the LRC on May 12. In the entrance hall, two big flat screen panels were showing a slide show with students' projects, and several computers...

Meth still the No.1 drug in San Diego

Nick Kanios

May 9, 2006

It's been over 10 years since Shawn Nelson stole a tank across the street from Mesa College at the National Guard armory and went on a rampage that ended with his death. Reports indicate that Nelson had Methamphetamine in his...

Mesa College professors share opinions over immigration issue

Raymond Naval

May 9, 2006

After a small introduction, Professor Charles Zappia approached the podium in front of a soon-to-be emotional crowd. "You could be American by choice," he said at the beginning of his 15-minute presentation. He was alluding...

Two Assembly bills would protect college journalists, prevent theft

Shayla Durrett

May 9, 2006

Two new bills would prohibit the theft of free newspapers and the censorship of student newspapers at California colleges, universities and community colleges. The first bill, AB 2612, would make it illegal for a person to take...