Flamin’ Hot Cheetos leaving consumers in the hospital

Dorian Uson, Editor-in-Chief

October 11, 2018

Recently in the news, there have been many reports of people being hospitalized due to consuming the very popular snack, Frito Lays Flamin Hot Cheetos. The ingredients in the spicy red-hot puffs can cause a number of problems ...

SoccerCity should kick SDSU’s plans to the curb

Dorian Uson, Editor-in-Chief

October 11, 2018

Ever since the San Diego Chargers left San Diego, becoming the Los Angeles Chargers, the city of San Diego has been trying to figure out plans for what to do with Qualcomm Stadium. Two plans have been proposed, Proposition E, k...

R.A.D. but not radical

R.A.D. but not radical

September 28, 2018

Bird Scooters – here to stay, or time for them to fly away

Erik Acosta, Opinions Editor

September 27, 2018

Bird Scooters, the battery-powered rideshare service that is taking over San Diego. Since their start one year ago, in September of 2017, they have climbed up the rideshare ladder, and have been putting up an electric competition to the other rideshare services, most impo...

Nike. Just Doing It!

Leo Abustan, Photo Editor

September 11, 2018

Nike, a very well recognized brand around the world, decided to have Colin Kaepernick be the face of Nike. Many, including President Trump, thinks that Nike’s stock will dwindle by angry consumers, according to MarketWatch on Sep...

Driving High Takes Lives

Driving High Takes Lives

September 7, 2018

School Lunch Systems need better options

Dorian Uson, Editor in Chief

May 27, 2018

    When Michelle Obama was First Lady, she made it her mission to make school lunches healthier and better across all the age groups. It would seem her legacy died when her husband left office.  Some schools no longer off...

The realities of mastering your life

Jonthan Smith, Staff Writer

May 24, 2018

I'm sure everyone has seen quotes that say things like: "5 Signs You're Living Good -- [1] you woke up this morning, [2] you have a roof over your head, or [3] your bills are paid". But is that really the standard for living ...