Black students share experiences at Mesa


Robeal Tesfamichael, Staff Writer
February 26, 2015

A young panel of black students attending San Diego Mesa College volunteered to speak in front of a crowd consisting of staff, students, and guests to share their experiences as students in order to recommend changes they would prefer to be made. The student panel: Dante Howell, Sharifa Osman, Julia... Read more »

UC tuition increase is absurd but necessary


Danilo Urquia, Writer
February 26, 2015

UC President Janet Napolitano is temporarily holding the tuition fee increase of five percent, until the beginning of the upcoming academic year starting fall 2015. Because the proposal has bipartisan support, the UC Board of Regents is doing this in hopes that other alternatives will be proposed by... Read more »

Mesa university in full effect

Bachelor degrees from community colleges on California horizon

February 12, 2015

  Last September 29th Gov. Jerry Brown passed Senate Bill 850 (SB 850), which meant that 15 community colleges in California would offer four-year Baccalaureate degrees. Initially, 36 community colleges across the state had applied for the pilot programs, and according to, in recent... Read more »

Adjunct professors plan day of action


Linda Nguyen, Staff Writer
February 12, 2015

National Adjunct Action Day will take place at Mesa College on Feb. 25 at noon outside the LRC. Part-time staff members and supporters are all hoping to join hands in insisting on fair wages and benefits for the large adjunct community in America. Although many students are unaware that most of their... Read more »

President Obama offers free community college

freecommunitycollegenews2 copy

Danilo Urquia, Staff Writer
February 12, 2015

President Barack Obama announced the America’s College Promise, a statement in which he proposes making two years of community college free. The proposal was officially unveiled on January 9, 2015 and it seems promising for low income and nontraditional students who wish to get a higher education. The... Read more »

“Pineapple Express” Takes over California


Kristopher Haddad, Staff Writer
December 14, 2014

Northern California has been undergoing strong winds, heavy rain, and floods that have been shutting down public transit systems and schools throughout Nor Cal. With a widespread of blackouts occurring in cities such as San Francisco and San Jose people are warned to stay in doors and stock up on supplies.... Read more »

UC Tuitions expected to rise


Arielle Weller, News Editor
December 11, 2014

UC Davis, Santa Cruz and Berkeley have all been having student walkouts where students skip class and march through the streets in protest of UC tuition increasing. Janet Napolitano, former Arizona governor and Homeland Security Chief, who is now president of the UC system, proposed to raise student... Read more »

Adjunct professors struggle to secure fair and reasonable wages in SDCCD

Dorian King, Editor-in-chief
December 9, 2014

According to the President of the American Federation of Teachers Guild Local 1931 Jim Mahler, adjunct professors in the San Diego Community College District make less than half the salary of their full-time counterparts, despite performing the exact same tasks and being required to posses equivalent... Read more »

Mesa professor gears up for annual gift-giving trip in Mexico

Berry web

Kendall Quan, Contributor
December 4, 2014

As the fall semester draws to a close and students prepare for a hard-earned break, Mesa College’s own professor Jeff Berry prepares for his annual Christmas trip to Ensenada on Dec. 20 and 21, where he and a group of volunteers will distribute gifts and serve dinner to approximately 350 people over... Read more »

Mesa holds first-ever Fall Fest

IMG_7801 (1)

Kendall Quan, Staff Writer
November 14, 2014

Mesa College held its first Fall Fest and Run, benefitting Mesa’s student veterans. The Fall Fest street fair held 60 vendors, each with their own set of volunteers, and received help from 25 additional volunteers. The vendors included 15 club booths, two food booths, local elementary and high school... Read more »

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