Mesa Art Gallery displays faculty work

Mesa Art Gallery displays faculty work

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Armor - Memory Series 1 Linda Litteral

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For over 20 years, the Mesa College Art Gallery has exhibited many forms of art from members of the faculty about every two years. The 2010 Faculty Exhibition will be on display in the gallery through March 4.

Professor Alessandra Moctezuma was responsible for gathering and exhibiting the paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other works. She has been the gallery director for Mesa College for nine years. Moctezuma decided not to feature her work in this particular art exhibit, but said she was very proud of her colleagues’ work.

“A lot of our students might be taking a class with a very intelligent, talented artist and you never get to see your teacher’s work,” said Moctezuma. “I think people should see this art exhibit because it will give them a sense of what their teachers and colleagues are interested in. I think a lot of the pieces in the show are beautiful and striking, but there are also a lot of pieces that are humorous, so I think people will like it.”

The exhibit featured pieces from faculty artists including Misty Hawkins, Mario Lara, Randall Christopher, Jim Machacek, Patricia Yockey, Kraig Cavanaugh, and Robert Sanchez, among many others.

One of the more popular pieces is a painting by Misty Hawkins, entitled “The Red Carpet,” which portrays half the body of a young woman wearing provocative garments. At the foot of her is a dog asleep on a red carpet. Hawkins paints nude portraits in many of her works, as a metaphor for her “intimate feelings.”

Artist Nuvea Ruland, who was a gallery sitter and greeter, admitted that her favorite artwork was “The Red Carpet.”

“I really like that painting because it has a lot of story in it,” said Ruland. “It’s very narrative, plus it invites you in, so you kind of feel like you’re walking into something you’re not supposed to be looking at. The colors are so rich, and everything about it seems so right. It’s a very beautiful painting.”

Moctezuma said she feels that Mesa College is a unique campus.

“I’m inspired by my colleagues,” commented Moctezuma. “I think that I am very lucky to work at a community college where I share common interests with the other members of the art department. I think it’s unique to have a community college where the members of this department work well together, so it’s a really nice community to be a part of. I think that this college is really receptive to art and they have made an investment in the gallery. That’s to be appreciated, because in our world and our culture, art usually falls to the wayside, so it’s nice to have a place where they value it.”

The Mesa College Art Gallery is open Monday through Thursday from 12 to 4 p.m.

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