Student parking to be shuffled for solar panel completion

Lauren J. Mapp

The Photovoltaic construction project (or solar panel project) is set for completion by mid-April. In order to meet its deadline construction will take place during the semester, displacing student parking spots at Mesa College.

The solar panel project was slated for completion before the spring semester in order to avoid a loss of parking spaces for students and faculty alike. The project was pushed back however and construction was halted once the semester began.

The plan was to complete construction over the summer but Borrego Solar, the contractor working on the project, just announced that if the solar panels were not completed by mid-April then the project would lose state and federal rebates.

According to an e-mail sent out by Ronald E. Ballesteros-Perez, Vice President of Administrative Services, construction is set to begin on Friday March 4 and will be completed by the end of spring break.

The construction will occur in nine phases. In each phase of the construction 42 student parking spaces will be blocked off. To compensate for this the parking lot next to the “T” bungalows will be available for student parking. The “A” overflow lot will also be available for flex parking at night.

Lina Heil, the Public Information Officer for Mesa College stated “We’re trying to keep the impact as far away from the students as possible.”