Mesa College: a Melting Pot

Alicia Sanchez


Upon arrival at Mesa College, it is evident that this is a diverse college filled will people from different backgrounds and cultures. But, what students may not know is the fact that international students attend classes at Mesa every semester.

These international students struggle to obtain their education in a slightly different manner than the local San Diego students. They have to travel out of their home country into a different, unknown environment in order to achieve success through a costly-both emotional and financial- process to obtain an education.

While many students grow knowing the English language, international students have taken different measures to learn English. International student Igor Burgos Maron from Bahia, Brazil states: ” what made me learn were movies and music; music is huge-it influences a lot.

There are differences between cultures that international students have to assimilate, another hardship to overcome. But not all differences are necessarily negative. Igor compares San Diego Mesa College to schools from Brazil: ” there are many options here to get involved. We don’t have as many classes as here [Mesa]. We don’t have music or any kind of instrument classes.”

Igor shares his observations of the international students orientation, two weeks before the beginning of the fall semester: ” I met a lot of people from China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Israel.” He is even planning on creating an international students club; it is a work in progress.

Igor wants to be involved at Mesa by joining some of the many clubs offered; he has been taking advantage of resources such as the library and tutoring center for a quiet study space. International students are adjusting to the workload of the semester while exploring the various resources that are offered in order to help their success and future endeavors.

While being academically successful is important, it is equally important to explore what a brand new city and culture have to offer. International students at Mesa have taken it upon themselves to socialize with other students who share their experience in a different country. For this reason, they will be having a bonfire On September 6,2013 at Mission Beach.

International students have added to the diversity of the student body, fully completing the Mesa Melting Pot.