Man allegedly exposes himself in LRC


Britteny Urich

Quiet study room on the second floor of the LRC where the incident allegedly occured

Britteny Urich, Linda Nguyen, Opinion Editor and Staff Writer

A man is suspected of exposing himself at the Mesa Learning Resource Center on April 10 just shortly before closing time approximately at 4:40 p.m.
According to campus police the incident occurred on the second floor in the “quiet study” room. The suspect was described as being in his late 30s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a thin-athletic build, and short brown hair. He was seen wearing a red t-shirt with writing and black athletic shorts.
Campus police stated that a report was taken but no subject has been charged as of yet. At this time they declined to further comment to The Mesa Press disclosing only that there are no recent updates.
A staff member at the LRC described what occurred that day. A female student alerted staff that a male in the “study room” was masturbating. She confronted the male, and requested that he stop. He ignored her and continued, after which she chased him out of the room, yelling for people to call 911. The staff member, who asked not to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the situation, said “She (the student) was so distraught, she was very upset. She cried a little bit, and I asked her not to cry, because what she did was right.”
The man ran out of the LRC, and the Dean of Learning Resources ran after him, but was unable to catch him.
According to the staff member, it took campus police about 15-20 minutes for them to arrive. The victim and another female that was accompanying her in the “study room” witnessed the incident, were interviewed by two male officers.
Shortly after the incident occurred, campus police sent a safety alert email, notifying students of the incident and to contact campus police at 619-388-6405 for any information.