A rodent infestation remains an issue at San Diego Mesa College.

David Nguyen

An abundance of mice droppings were found within Professor Elizabeth Hueneberg's office drawers.

Robeal Tesfamichael, Staff Writer

A group of San Diego Mesa College professors remain unsatisfied as they continue to endure a rodent infestation within the Social and Behavioral Sciences (S.B.) building.

The “Mesa Press” issued a story on March 17th, 2015 that indicated that a number of professors within the S.B. building were displeased towards an ongoing rodent infestation after reporting the matter during the Fall 2014 semester. Amongst the professors affected, Professor Terry Kohlenberg and Professor Elizabeth Hueneberg issued their complaints about not receiving pest control until the early February of 2015 in the previous article. Kohlenberg and Hueneberg were available to answer  follow up questions about the infestation.

According to Kohlenberg, while he hasn’t had to deal with mouse droppings he did find a dead mouse under a mice trap in his office. However, this reinforced both Kohlenberg’s and Hueneberg’s disliking towards the mice traps for not being human. Both prefer traps that would only encage the mice so that they may be set free as opposed to killing thm.

Hueneberg continues to find an abundance of mouse droppings on her desk and inside her drawers. This has deprived her from using tests, homework and other appliances that would have been used for her students. Hueneberg was concerned with not only the safety of the effected professors but also their students who visit their offices. She did highlight, however, that faculty members have replaced and readjusted the mice traps within the last month despite not acquiring the desired results.