Mesa Welcomes the New Quad


Falom Beraki/The Mesa Press

Overhead view of the Quad taken from the Math and Science Building

Falom Beraki, Staff Writer

After a year of construction, the Mesa Quadrangle has finally been built and is now accessible for all students to enjoy

The Quadrangle was the final project of the Proposition S and N program and will now allow students to get around campus easier and host events. Due to the fact that the space was previously occupied, the I and J buildings were completely demolished. Construction for the new quad started roughly in the early part of 2020 and was completely finished and accessible for students on the first day of the spring semester of 2022.

This new quad allows students a much more convenient way to walk around campus. With multiple walkways for students to get across from building to building in a much more efficient manner than before. “On Mondays I have back to back classes that are completely across campus from each other so using this new quad has really helped me make it to class on time,” said freshman Brady Haworth. Surrounding the walkway are drought tolerant plants which are not only financially smart considering the area but it also gives it a nice look. On top of that it has a state of the art irrigation system that has a high efficiency. The addition of the many light posts that are dispersed throughout the quad will provide the necessary amount of light for students to navigate their way around when it gets dark.

It also is used as a gathering space that can hold all different types of events such as pep rallies, financial aid fairies, welcome week, and many others. Club Rush, this week, was hosted at the quad and it is helping students find a club for their personal interests. With the amount of space it brings it can host any sort of event while having enough room students to be safely socially distanced from each other. In the near future when Covid-19 restrictions hopefully become lighter the terraced seating and table benches can be used for speeches to a large audience.

The hope is that this new Quadrangle will help improve the life of an everyday student here at Mesa and be a centerpiece of this school moving forward. “ We are looking forward to the quad being the bustling center of campus where students can feel a deep sense of belonging at Mesa,” said Mesa College President Pamela T. Luster.