Rolling Stone’s credibility ruined?


Britteny Urich, Opinion Editor
April 13, 2015

It was an article that was written with good intentions to bring awareness to sexual assaults on campus. Rolling Stone published “A Rape on Campus,” Nov. 19, 2014, detailing an account of an alleged brutal gang rape of a woman named Jackie during a party at a University of Virginia fraternity house. The... Read more »

Excessive use of police force is wrong

HOmeless man attacked transient before LAPD officers shot him

Danilo Urquia, Writer
March 26, 2015

One of the most recent cases of excessive force occurred earlier this month, on March 1, 2015 in Los Angeles. Homeless 43 year-old Charly Leundeu Keunang, who came to the U.S. from Cameroon in West Africa, was fatally shot at Skid Row by members of the Los Angeles Police Department. The news outbreak... Read more »

Costumer service: the jobs we love to hate

Student cafe cooking up gourmet meals

Britteny Urich, Opinion Editor
March 18, 2015

One of the first jobs a student has during college is usually some sort of customer service job. Some would consider that particular job a necessary evil that reminds a student why they are in school, because they don’t want to work that job the rest of their lives. Whether it’s working at a clothing... Read more »

Duty to act: an analysis of deadly force in law enforcement

HOmeless man attacked transient before LAPD officers shot him

Ryan Heppel, Staff Writer
March 12, 2015

Police shootings are always a subject of debate. This topic has been the center of the controversy surrounding the recent shooting that took place March 1, 2015. Police were dispatched to the scene in response to an attempted robbery. They soon confronted their suspect, a homeless man known as “Africa”,... Read more »

Stress: Its effects, and how to handle it

ILLUSTRATION: Student depression

Britteny Urich, Opinion Editor
February 26, 2015

It is not surprising at one point in time or another that a student experiences stress. A heavy feeling that makes a person want to pull their hair out and scream at the top of their lungs; certainly a feeling that almost everyone can relate to. For some students, working a full-time job, going to school,... Read more »

Immigration reform is needed

Immigrant families rally at White House to demand reform- DC

Robeal Tesfamichael, Staff Writer
February 26, 2015

Drastic immigration reform is necessary as “mandatory detention” laws authorize the detainment of immigrants by law enforcement. Without the right to a hearing or to have their cases reviewed by judges, this discourages immigrants to follow the system, which leads towards engagement in illegal practices... Read more »

No Diversity at the Oscars?

Lillian Lokonobei, Staff Writer
February 26, 2015

Fans all over the world tune into the Oscars each year to marvel at their favorite actors. It has always been known for its glitz and glamour as the red carpet showcases the latest in designer fashion at the star studded event. Actors, singers and directors responsible for the films in theaters grace... Read more »

UC tuition increase is absurd but necessary


Danilo Urquia, Writer
February 26, 2015

UC President Janet Napolitano is temporarily holding the tuition fee increase of five percent, until the beginning of the upcoming academic year starting fall 2015. Because the proposal has bipartisan support, the UC Board of Regents is doing this in hopes that other alternatives will be proposed by... Read more »

Bruce Jenner’s Transgender Journey Becomes Difficult


Verenice Garcia, Staff Writer
February 26, 2015

In today’s society in terms of one’s sexuality, a lot is now permitted or sociably acceptable to some extent. Society has questioned over the years people who have decided to come out of the closet, or even transitioning to being someone else, literally. However for a lot of people, the pursuit of... Read more »

No media for Muslims?

Arielle Weller, Editor-in-Chief
February 12, 2015

On Feb. 11,  at 2 a.m. three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, N.C., were discovered shot in the head execution style over an alleged parking dispute. Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, who lived in the same condominium complex as the three students identified as Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, her sister Yusor... Read more »

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