Justice in America: What do you think?

Iman Benraoui, Staff Writer

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What does justice mean to you? Which experiences have shaped why you believe what you do about what justice is, what is should look like? These are such simple questions that go beyond the status quo of a simple dictionary definition. These are also questions that don’t receive as much thought and attention as they should. Injustice in America is a prevailing issue that we have seen day in and day out in the news and media. It is a pertinent topic of discussion that needs to be addressed and put on the spotlight. To me, justice means equality. Every person who goes through our criminal justice system should be evaluated, heard, and sentenced in a uniform and humane manner. It means that everyone has the right to be treated fairly without bias, judgement, or prejudice. In a perfect world this would happen but unfortunately we all come in and out of this world with our own thoughts and perceptions of people and actions. It is inevitable human nature. In our country, a big amount of those who are incarcerated have definitely gone through some sort of prejudice or extreme sentencing based on maybe who they are or what they’ve done. I think there is good in everybody. Far too many people are sentenced harsh sentences or are in extremely detrimental incarceration conditions. Although there are people who have committed immensely unthinkable crimes, they are still people like us. I do believe that they should be punished for what they have done, but in no way in an extremely inhumane way. I think it is important for people to step back and reevaluate their perception on our justice system and really pay attention to the several injustices that surround us, rather than not acknowledge them.

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