Millennials Are Sleighing Christmas Tree Sales


Nye Harper, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, whether you buy a real one — or break one out of the box from the storage. Families all across the country are now setting up their Christmas trees for the holiday season. Although families of all races, sizes and generations are in tune with the annual tradition, tree sellers are seeing an influx in millennials buying its firs. 

According to industry experts, the rise in millennials purchasing trees is due to new traditions. More millennials are now settling down and having families of their own. They want to provide the next generation the experience of having a real tree. As a result, there is an uptick in the demand for more Christmas trees during the holidays.

In a report to Business Insider, one seasonal tree worker is thrilled about the idea of people buying more trees. He says the National Christmas Tree Association (yes, there is such a thing) has lost market share for some time now. The reason is not because there was not enough of them, but many people are opting for an artificial tree. Reportedly, 95 million American homes had Christmas trees last year, however at least 75% of them were fake.

The report also states millennials are more conscious with the environment and that factor decides what they choose to spend their money on. A real tree is biodegradable and can be recycled, in comparison to unhooking plastic hooks and throwing it back into a box. Nowadays, many people (and the state of California) regardless of age are becoming more eco-friendly, reducing the use of plastic products.

Mesa alumni Yaneri Lopez is a fan of both Christmas tree options. She says, “Personally I prefer a real Christmas tree just because I love going with my family to pick it up. I love the smell it gives the house, like the smell gives it an extra Christmas vibe. Lopez shares she is also environmentally friendly. “But if we are talking about saving the planet, I would probably get a fake one ‘cause you know you have to save the trees and all. It also helps to save money.”

Current Mesa student Naxin Jiang agrees. Jiang says, “With fake trees, it’s better because you can reuse it every year.

Christmas is about two weeks away. Time is running out to cough up nearly $80 for a tree, or get crafty with a fake one. Either tree you choose, be sure to have a safe and happy holiday!