Looking back at a Youtube time capsle


Oshae Hawkins, Staff Writter

When I first started doing youtube just for the fun of it I wrote some comments just for the same thing. Now I was smart enough to not say anything absurd on certain topics. Let’s say you wanted to watch a certain scene from a movie or certain show after watching the clip you realize how much fun you have without even realizing it. Having a youtube comment section for certain videos is what can grow the video’s popularity and the community. So while some youtube comments you may make in the past you realize how very little they can change a community. 


As I look back at the youtube time capsule there are some youtube comments while there are some youtube comments you may make are ones you might regret while there are some youtube comments you will cherish memories. As for my experience on the platform, uploading a youtube video takes time.  Depending on what equipment you have and the quality of your content how fast you upload your content and how much viewership you get will determine how fast your channel will grow. 


In YouTube’s early days if you made videos like that it would have raised the bar on some questions and some people said you wouldn’t really go anywhere on what’s coming. My experience behind the YouTube platform is a challenging one but it’s one I do not take for granted.