Olympian Football Already Scores

Matthew Bralla

Sept. 5 marks the beginning of the 2009-10 Mesa Olympian football season. The Olympians look forward to a victorious year following a record of 6-4 during the 08-09 regular season and 6-1 during the Mountain Conference, where they reigned as champions.

This fall, the team is being led by a new head coach, Henry Browne. He has extensive experience as both a Defensive and Offensive Coordinator. He is a welcome addition to the team, as both newcomers and returnees feel that he is qualified to lead them to victory. Ruben Gallegos, a new addition to the Olympians, says, “Coach Browne is a great coach to play for. He can’t stand coaching slackers and pushes us to give everything we’ve got for every second that we’re on the field. He has so much confidence in us that it seems to have rubbed off on the entire team. He has instilled such a sense of pride in each of the players that nothing but succeeding is in our minds.” However, Coach Browne is not the only new addition to our team this season.
Olympian football players and supporters have another thing to look forward to this year: a new stadium. The Merrill Douglas Stadium is state-of-the-art. Equipped with Astroturf and boasting the Mesa logo at the 50-yard-line, this new field gives the team more inspiration to play their hearts out in pursuit of another championship. According to Michael Garcia, returning linebacker, the ability to play on the new field is “awesome because it will feel gratifying when our opponents visit and are impressed with our new gridiron.” As the season progresses with a new head coach and field, our team has a very promising future.