Unfortunate Turner of Events

Ashton O'Halloran

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Blame circulates as to why the Chargers, in spite of their colossal talent and endless opportunities, have again failed to win an important football game. The culpability cloud is casting a darker and darker shadow on head coach Norv Turner. Turner leads the team like my little sisters brownie troop mom, in fact she does a better job, they at least they have badges to show for their successes. He paces the sidelines loss after loss with no consciousness as to what is actually happening. His play calls are as bad as his ignorant answers to hounding press questions after each game; he has no style, certainly no intellect, and not one degree of a champion fever.
The youngest coach in NFL history illustrates more fire and drive to win then the 14-year veteran has in the past three seasons combined. Josh McDaniels, the recently hired head coach of the now 6-0 Denver Broncos demonstrated passion unlike any San Diego fan is used to when seeing his team beat The Bolts and The New England Patriots. The Broncos are now starting this season to the surprise of many as an undefeated team. No team has ever started their season 6-0 and not continued into the playoffs.
With the Chargers coming to the middle of their schedule rematches of old rivals are inevitable. They take on the Oakland Raiders again, this time at Qualcomm Stadium on Nov. 2. A loss to the Raiders will crush any hope that’s left for a possible playoff appearance. The Chargers weak performance in the first match of the season against the Raiders gives them plenty of reason to come here with a very specific agenda and a solid chance to win. Recommendations to anyone brave enough to attend the game, Kevlar, a can of mace, and the SDPD on speed dial.
Injuries, poor coaching, and mis-management can all feed the blame fire but what about the players? A good team would be able to overcome such maladies to move on, and move on to win. Still the absence of 3 time pro-bowl selection nose tackle Jamal Williams is painfully evident, missing his 46 solo tackles he racked up last season alone. The 6’4 348 pound gaping hole in the defensive line is filled by former first year practice player Ogemdi Nwagbuo, and although we all enjoy a great Cinderella story the former San Diego airport employee fails to step up to the challenge. Also the return of big game talker # 56 Sean “lights out” Merriman was anticipated by many after his season ending injury and steroid suspension, yet Merriman pails in comparison to his previous athletic stardom.
The Chargers have peaked and fallen to a middle of the road NFL team, at best. Since New England handed over a loss in the 2007 AFC championships the team has fallen to a depressing 11-12. They currently have the same record as the Raiders, and in the last year and a half alone the same as the 49ers. The Chargers prove an inability to change or adapt to anything or anyone. They run the same 4 plays regardless of opponent and are happy with the same results. The Chargers have taken a turn for the worst and become a mediocre team, who are ok with mediocre results. Norv Turner has run a winning franchise built by former coach Marty schottenheimer into the ground.

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