Ending the pre-season strong


David Doss

The Olympians add another win.

Alex Aboukhater, Staff Writer

It looks like the Olympians are facing the PCAC-SOUTH Conference head on this week. So far, the Olympians has been consistent in the season by winning 7 games Another win for the Mesa Olympians; previously, on  September 19th Thursday Mesa women’s volleyball team won against Los Angeles Rio Hondo team scoring 3-0. consecutively. Now, the Olympians will be going into PCAC Conference.

Through out the all three sets of the game the team displayed great synergy, in which resulted in nine consecutive points during the second set. Lizzie Wilson outside hitter put up great defense along with attacking and scoring three points. During the beginning of the second set there was an intense attack from Rio Hondo, however Lizzie Wilson countered and scored the fifth point soon after scoring the seventh score. The ball was colloquially between the two teams with constant force, it was an intense set. Soon after Sabrina Speratti made an attack, but was faced with a strong counter, but managed to flat out execute the attack again resulting to 13-4. While scores were being reaped by the Olympians, there was a slight inaccuracy by hitting the net a few times, but the team endured and Layne Hembree earned the 18th score and Madelyn Harris countered an attack scoring the 19th. The Olympians won the second set in a well-done executed manner.

During the last set of 3, Rio Hondo was catching up fast, but lost by 20-25. During the last set the Olympians’ teamwork resulted in consistent scoring  of four points in a row. Now the Olympians are getting ready for these weeks PCAC-SOUTH Conference. Head coach of Mesa’s women’s volleyball team and coach staff James Russell are pleased to see the outcome of this game, but according to them the aftermath is not their primary focus at the moment. They both had stated that based on observation there are some areas of game that the team has to work on, such as passing and defense. The Olympians’ Volleyball PCAC Coach of the Year, Bobbie Jo Stall stated that she is feeling pretty confident based on what she’s seen this game, although her main focus for success is passing and technicalities. “Our focus primarily is, we’re going into conference and some of the things we’ve learned about from our pre-season which ended today is that we should need to get better with out passing and serving game. We’ve made a lot of improvements with serving and with defense we have to be a lot more disciplined and get a lot better with range. I think if we can pick up those two areas of our game then we’re going to have a good chance of getting another conference title this season.” Bobbie Jo Stall.

By the looks of these past winning games the Olympians odds of winning and gaining another conference title seems to be in the cards. Though, the Olympians’ coach Bobbie Jo Stall states there is still areas of the teams’ technical game they must improve upon to play proficiently during the PCAC-SOUTH Conference.