2017-2018 Staff

Jake Smiley

Staff Writer

Jake Smiley started his journalism career as a newswriter and announcer for his hometown radio station. Jake was put on the air and was the youngest radio announcer in the state of Illinois. After high school, he moved to Chicago,...

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Leslie Lopez

Staff Writer

Leslie is an English major at San Diego Mesa College with a love and passion for reading and writing. She aspires to be an informative person in all the departments of academia such as the arts & humanities, science, technology,...

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Melanie Reiter

Staff Writer

Melanie is a fun-spirited extrovert with strong interests in fashion, entertainment, media, traveling, writing, and anything creative. She is completing her last semester at Mesa College this Spring. After she gets her Associates...

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Siera Matthews

Sports Writer/Staff Writer

Siera is a 20-year old full time student majoring in Journalism with a specific interest in Broadcast Journalism. Since this is her last semester at San Diego Mesa College, she hopes to transfer to an HBCU or CSU. In the future...

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Jonathan Smith

Staff Writer

Jonathan is an Alabama native who has found himself living in many cities across the U.S. After realizing his love for writing and being a stylist, Jonathan began styling reality TV celebrities and international musicians as well...

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Dorian Uson

Co Editor-n-Chief

Dorian Uson is a sophomore at San Diego Mesa College. She graduated from University City High School (UCHS) in June of 2017. At UCHS she fell in love with journalism as a member, and leader of the Commander staff. She also has...

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Delaney Schafnitz

Writer, Social Media Editor

Delaney is in her second semester here at San Diego Mesa College. She is double majoring in Psychology and Journalism and plans on staying on the Mesa Press staff for the rest of her time at Mesa. Originally from a small town...

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Dennis Lopez

Staff Writer

Dennis Lopez is a second year Mesa student, and first year member of the Mesa Press. Originally he was a graphic design major but, was lured away by the fast paced excitement the journalism world had to offer. He is in the process...

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Lauren Lee


Lauren is a second year at San Diego Mesa College, and originally moved from Ventura County. She is currently 21 years old and is studying Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. She hopes to transfer to SDSU in the Fall...

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Karina Bazarte

News writter

Karina is a 24-year-old San Diego native who is studying Journalism. This is her first year writing for The Mesa Press Newspaper. This is Karina's last semester at San Diego Mesa College and will become a full student at San Diego...

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Jessica Aquino

Staff Writer, Photo Editor

Jessica is a San Diego native who is majoring in Journalism with an emphasis on Media Studies. She hopes to obtain her AA in the spring and transfer to San Diego State University in the fall of 2018. In her free time, she loves...

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Chelsea Heath


Hello, my name is Chelsea and I am a 26 year old journalism major. This is my second year here at Mesa, and I am currently working towards finishing an ADT with the hope of transferring to SDSU or CSUSM in the Fall. My goal is...

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Chris Varela Benitez

Sports Writer

Chris Varela Benitez is a sophomore student athlete at San Diego Mesa College. He competes in Track and Cross Country and is excited to be part of the Mesa Press. He is finishing his AA in Journalism and plans on transferring...

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Aleah Jarin

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Aleah Jarin, originally from a small town in northern California. I'm 19 years old and majoring in journalism at San Diego Mesa College. I would like to go into broadcasting or write for a major fashion magazine. I plan...

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Robert Hatchett

Staff Writer/Photo Editor

Robert is a 25 year-old San Diego native with a passion for music, astronomy and hikes with his dog. His obsession with journalism began with watching Vice documentaries on HBO and only progressed further when the series develope...

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Cassidy Bartolo

Staff Writer

I'm an aspiring feature and extreme sports writer finishing my ADT-Journalism this spring semester and attending San Diego State University in Fall 2018.  The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and write about...

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Pia Mayer

Staff Writer

Pia Mayer, otherwise known as Sofia, is a San Diego local with a Mexican flare. After she discovered her passion for writing at the age of 13, she took on an internship working for Hola Magazine in New York City in the summer...

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Kirsten Cesna

News writer

I am originally from Sacramento but moved to San Diego three years ago to go to school. My major is Journalism and I am hopefully going to be transferring to San Diego State next year. This is my first semester writing for the...

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Jacquelle Smith

Sports Editor

Hello everyone my name is Jacquelle Smith. I'm currently a student athlete at Mesa College. This is my second year here, and I'm working on my major which is journalism. My goal is to attend a four year university were I can continue...

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Shaina Borg

Staff Writer

Hi! I've been back and forth at Mesa College for several years, but this will be my last semester and my first time writing for the Mesa Press! After receiving my transfer degree in Journalism, I plan on transferring to SDSU and...

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Mayra Figueroa Vazquez

News Editor

Hello! I'm Mayra. I am a quiet introvert who loves storytelling. In my free time I enjoy watching and critiquing movies, going to art galleries and exhibitions, as well as comedy shows and the theater. I love to cook but I can...

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KC Portee

Co Editor in chief

Hello my name is Cameron Portee, but I prefer to go by KC. I'm a 21 years old college student at mesa. This is my first semester on the mesa press staff. I'm currently a third year obtaining his AA in journalism to transfer to...

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Michael Scott

Sports Editor

Michael is a 23 year old college student at Mesa. He is originally from the Bay Area and moved to San Diego 2yrs ago for a change in scenery. After finishing his AA in Communications last spring, he decided to challenge himself...

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Dominick Celestina

Staff Writer

My name is Dominick, this is my second year here at Mesa and hope to transfer to San Diego State University next fall semester with an AA in journalism. I am twenty-six years old and was born and raised in Sonoma County California...

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Anna Fiorino

Features Editor

Anna Fiorino is a 19-year-old college sophomore at San Diego Mesa College. She enjoys live music, online shopping, and long walks on the beach (preferably picking up trash to help her community 😉). Anna hopes to transfer next fall to...

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Sandy Guerrero

Staff Writer/Photo Editor

Sandy Guerrero has been attending Mesa College for almost two years. While finishing up her Associates in Real Estate, she took and passed the state exam in March of 2016. Alongside being a Realtor, writing is her main passion...

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Adriana Orozco

Staff Writer

I'm a second year college student majoring in Journalism. This is my first semester in the Mesa Press and I am ecstatic about starting this new journey. I have a passion for hard work and speaking up for what I believe in. I love...

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Dorian Uson


Dorian Uson is a sophomore at San Diego Mesa College. She graduated from University City High School in June of 2017 . There she fell in love with journalism as apart and leader of the Commander staff. She also has a passion for...

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Josue Lozano Rodriguez

Staff Writer/ Features Editor

Hey there, my name is Josue (Ho sway). This is my second year writing for the Mesa Press. My goal as a journalist student is to bring attention to music from Mesa College, local musicians. I am the editor for the features section.

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Rebeca Partida Montes

News Editor

Rebeca has been writing for The Mesa Press for three semesters. In fall of 2017 , she served as Features Editor for the paper and this year, she will serve as News Editor. She studies journalism and political science, and has...

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Chris Anthony

Editor In Chief

Hello, my name is Chris Anthony and this is my third semester on staff and I am finally Editor In Chief for The Mesa Press. I am very passionate about how important journalism is for the well-being of the world, and one day I...

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Janna Braun

Faculty Adviser

Janna has been the Faculty Adviser to The Mesa Press since 2005.  During that time, the newspaper has been honored by a variety of organizations, including the San Diego Press Club, San Diego Society of Professional Journalists,...

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