2018-2019 Staff

Siera Matthews

Sports Writer/Staff Writer

Siera is a 20-year old full time student majoring in Journalism with a specific interest in Broadcast Journalism. Since this is her last semester at San Diego Mesa College, she hopes to transfer to an HBCU or CSU. In the future...

Chelsea Heath


Hello, my name is Chelsea and I am a 26 year old journalism major. This is my second year here at Mesa, and I am currently working towards finishing an ADT with the hope of transferring to SDSU or CSUSM in the Fall. My goal is...

Cassidy Bartolo

Staff Writer

I'm an aspiring feature and extreme sports writer finishing my ADT-Journalism this spring semester and attending San Diego State University in Fall 2018.  The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and write about...

Michael Scott

Sports Editor

Michael is a 23 year old college student at Mesa. He is originally from the Bay Area and moved to San Diego 2yrs ago for a change in scenery. After finishing his AA in Communications last spring, he decided to challenge himself...

Janna Braun

Faculty Adviser

Janna has been the Faculty Adviser to The Mesa Press since 2005.  During that time, the newspaper has been honored by a variety of organizations, including the San Diego Press Club, San Diego Society of Professional Journalists,...