2019-2020 Staff

Janna Braun

Faculty Adviser

Janna has been the Faculty Adviser to The Mesa Press since 2005.  During that time, the newspaper has been honored by a variety of organizations, including the San Diego Press Club, San Diego Society of Professional Journalists,...

Renee Schmiedeberg


Renee is Co-Editor-in-Chief and Digital Editor of the Mesa Press. In addition to reporting, she produces the podcasts, videos and oversees the Facebook and Snapchat. When she isn't ceaselessly hounding down the latest news at...

Lance Nelson


When he isn’t test driving new vehicles under the alias "LanceTheDriver," you can find Lance Nelson proudly working on his journalism degree in San Diego. A proponent of taking the road less traveled, he relinquished what would hav...

Kyle Mullin

Sports Editor

Kyle was born and raised in sunny San Diego, making him a die hard Padres fan. When he is not wrapped up in the happenings of San Diego Mesa Athletics, he is enjoying his favorite teams (San Diego Padres, New Orleans Saints, Manch...

Ava Moslehi

Staff Writer

Ava is a second year student at San Diego Mesa College working towards her journalism degree. This is her first year working for the Mesa Press. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, taking...

Rosanne Bangalan

Staff Writer

Rosanne is a first year student at Mesa and she's currently majoring in Journalism. She hopes to someday work at a political satire show as a researcher or a congressional reporter for a major news organization. Rosanne loves...

Ana Laniado

Staff Writer

Ana is a 3rd year Journalism (Advertising) student at Mesa. She will be transferring to SDSU next semester to continue to pursue her degree, and she wishes to work in the fashion industry's advertising or marketing component in...

Carlos Verduzco

Staff Writer

Verduzco is a Journalism major in his fourth and final semester at Mesa with hopes of building a career for himself that heavily involves subjects of popular culture; he is transferring to San Diego State University during the...

Jaclyn Levine

Staff Writer

Jaclyn Levine is an aspiring book/news editor who's always loved to write. She is delving into editing after a bombardment of frequent errors on tv news and online news. After suffering through the horror of a torturous onslaught...

Michelle Armas

News Editor

Michelle Armas is a journalism major at San Diego Mesa College. She has a passion for writing stories of all kinds. She is the News Editor for the Mesa Press and finds it an intriguing field! She loves life and when she is not...

Matthew Ruperty

staff writer

Matthew is in his 2nd year as a student at Mesa college, currently pursuing a journalism degree. As a native New Yorker and Navy veteran, he strives under pressure and the hustle and bustle that comes with finding a story. When...

Amanda Kasl

Opinions editor

Amanda is currently working toward a degree in Journalism at Mesa College, while pursuing her aspirations of one day producing and writing for film and television. In her free time, Amanda loves spending time with her daughter.

Reilly Buckenham

Features Editor

When Reilly isn't at school pursuing her degree in Journalism, she's experimenting with makeup, listening to her favorite true crime podcast, or searching for art to add to her collection. Having moved back to San Diego from San...

Jade Cole

Photo Editor

Jade is a first year student at Mesa pursuing a degree in Journalism. She is planning on transferring to a four year university and hopes to work as a technical writer or an editor in the future. This is her first semester working...