2016-2017 Staff

Diana Mora

Staff Writer/Photographer

Hello! my name is Diana Mora and it is my first semester writing for The Mesa Press, I'm doing my A.A. in Journalism hoping to transfer to San Diego State. My hobby is discovering new coffee shops and art exhibits.

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Ray San Giovanni

Sports Editor

Hello, my name is Ray San Giovanni and this is my first semester focused on Journalism at Mesa. I was previously working in he medical field for the last seven years working as a Phlebotomist. No, not a Lebotomist, I wasn't extracting...

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Haden Hatlevig

staff writer

This is Haden's (more or less) first semester at Mesa College and his first time writing for any newspaper. He hopes to further his skills in journalistic writing but has no intention of making a career out of it.

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Jessica Clemons

Staff Writer

Hi there! My name is Jess Clemons and this is my first semester on the Mesa Press and my last semester here at Mesa. I'm from Palm Springs and have been in San Diego for almost two years, and I love every minute of it here. I'm...

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Shannon Miller

Staff Writer

Hello! I am a journalism major in my first semester writing for The Mesa Press. I will be attending San Francisco State University in Fall 2017 in hopes to eventually land a job pursuing my passion for writing about pop culture....

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Abby Hines

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Abby Hines, I am originally from New Hampshire but moved to San Diego in 2013. This is my first semester writing for The Mesa Press, as well as my last semester at Mesa. I am looking to transfer to San Diego...

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Rebecca Henshaw

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Rebecca Henshaw and this is my first semester at Mesa. Up until now I was attending UC Santa Cruz, but I'm not much of a nature person so I came back home to figure out what I want to major in and be close to the p...

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Naz Hakim

Staff Writer

Hello hello! I'm Naz... yes like the rapper, though my name is short for Nazanin. I've been attending Mesa for two years and this is my final semester here. I'm planning on taking a semester off and traveling for a bit before...

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Rachel Hauser


Hello! My name is Rachel and this is my first semester being apart of the Mesa Press. I have spent my last four semesters at San Diego Mesa College and two and University of Iowa. I will be graduating this Spring with an AA i...

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Johnaysha Davis-Escalera

Social Media Co-Editor/Staff Writer

Hello my name is Johnaysha Davis-Escalera, this is my first semester working for The Mesa Press. I was born and raised in Kansas. I relocated to San Diego in July 2016. I will be graduating from San Diego Mesa College this spring...

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Josue Lozano Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Hey there, my name is Josue (Ho sway). This is my first year writing for the Mesa Press.My goal as a journalist is to bring attention to music from Mesa College, and local musicians. I will always do my best to be honest and stay...

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Sara Ulloa

Writer/ Photographer

Hello, My name is Sara and this is my first semester writing for the Mesa Press. I've been a student at San Diego Mesa College since 2013. I will be graduating this Spring with a T-AA in Journalism. I plan on transferring to a...

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Alejandro Chousal

Photo Editor

This is my first semester working for the Mesa Press. This is also my last semester at Mesa. My major is Journalism and I hope to go on to work with a news company. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, watching TV, and...

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Andreas Loretan

Staff writer

I'm Andreas Loretan, I'm a journalism major at Mesa College, and it's my first semester as a staff writer at The Mesa Press. I like the New York Mets and eating cheap, unhealthy food....

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Becca Partida Montes


My name is Rebeca and this is my second semester writing for the Mesa Press, and my first semester as Features Editor. My plan after graduation includes receiving my B.A. in journalism while minoring in political science. I...

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Chris Anthony

News Editor

Hello, my name is Chris Anthony and this is my first semester as the news editor for The Mesa Press. I am very passionate about how important journalism is for the well-being of the world, and one day I hope to be a conflict journalist...

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Ian Caffarel


Hello to whoever is reading this, my name is Ian J. Caffarel, but you can call me Ian, or Ivan. I'm new to Mesa for this year, after having taken classes over at Grossmont. I'm just dipping my toes into this ocean, called newswriting....

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Lara Catalano

Staff Writer

Hello all, my name is Lara Catalano. This is my second semester writing for The Mesa Press, and my fourth here at Mesa College. I double as a staff writer and one of the social media editors. My plan is to transfer from Mesa...

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Tremaine Harvey

Opinion Editor

Hello, my name is Tremaine. I have been a student at San Diego Mesa College since 2014 and briefly in 2010. I’m studying journalism, history, and philosophy and graduating in the spring of 2017. During the academic year of 2014-2015...

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Marcel E Anderson

Editor in Chief

Good morning, afternoon, or night, depending on when you happen to be reading this. My name is Marcel E Anderson, and I am the Editor in Chief during this spring semester for The Mesa Press. Some of my interests include: photography,...

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Janna Braun

Faculty Adviser

Janna has been the Faculty Adviser to The Mesa Press since 2005.  During that time, the newspaper has been honored by a variety of organizations, including the San Diego Press Club, San Diego Society of Professional Journalists,...

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