Jaclyn Levine
Jaclyn Levine is an aspiring book or news editor, who earned her B.A. in design at UCLA, and studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Jaclyn became a retail store stylist a.k.a. mannequin dresser, at Macy's New York and later at Macy's La Jolla. She was then a fashion designer of girl's apparel, for a few years in Los Angeles. Jaclyn has always loved to write; she recently became interested in editing, after watching tv news, and finding so many mistakes slipping through to the viewers. She was compelled to help in the fight against bad grammar and typos. Jaclyn is studying to earn her associate degree in journalism. She loves art, music, photography, cooking, trying new restaurants, creating ceramic mosaics, and doing crossword puzzles. Jaclyn was born and bred in Port Washington, NY, a suburb of NYC. She now lives in splendid, sunny San Diego, and is happy to be a student at Mesa College!

Jaclyn Levine, News Editor

Sep 18, 2019
Mariposa Ice Cream Shop-Ice cream the old school way (Story)