Renee Schmiedeberg
Renee Schmiedeberg is a Journalism student at Mesa College. She earned a bachelor's degree in English Creative Writing from Cal State Long Beach, where she found a love for journalism. Currently, she's an afterschool program English teacher. She believes travel is one of the best antidotes for ignorance and writer's block, so tries to travel as much as she can. Her past work includes the Long Beach Post, Long Beach Union Weekly (22 West Media), LA Canvas, and Thought Catalog. When she isn't writing about herself in third person, she's learning Mandarin, rolling vegan sushi, or trying to single-handedly solve the climate change crisis. You can find her on Twitter @sublime_lemons



Renee Schmiedeberg, News Editor

Sep 17, 2019
Red Meat Consumption is Inseparable from Amazon Fires (Story)