The House of Blues provides San Diegans with the perfect concert experience


Ana Lopez

David Boyd, lead singer of New Politics, engages with the audience at the House of Blues.

Joyce Melendez, Staff Writer

At first glance, the House of Blues doesn’t look like much. Upon entering there is a decision to be made on how one wants to view the band(s) playing. Individuals have the option of viewing the stage from the balcony or on the lower level that is several feet away from the stage. At the lower level there is a bar, concession area, and a merchandise table. The space is very open but can easily be filled up.

Recently, SomeKindaWonderful, Bad Suns, and New Politics performed at the House of Blues. The venue is ideal for listening to rock music, due to the fact that the space is not disgustingly crowded which allows individuals to have enough room to breathe but still be engaged with what is going on. The atmosphere is lively and the musicians utilized their space on stage to give attention to everyone in the audience.

A drawback that may occur with a lively audience and loud rock music is the inability to understand what the singers are saying. Another issue that may affect an individual’s concert experience has to deal with the various lights moving and shining out towards the audience. While the lighting isn’t disorienting, it can be distracting at times. On a positive note the venue has televisions that are mounted on the sides of the stage, which allows audience members to see what is going on onstage without having to deal with bright lights affecting their vision.

Regardless of what type of music an individual is interested in, the House of Blues provides an atmosphere that will allow the concert experience to be enjoyable. Depending on the individual and how one wants to view a concert, it is important to allow there to be time in order to capitalize on getting the best view possible. For those who are interested on attending an event at the House of Blues, visit for more details on showings.