Heavenly desserts transport diners to cloud 9 bliss

Lauren J. Mapp, Editor-in-Chief

If you’ve ever been traipsing down the hipster-filled University Avenue, one thing that might keep you sane amidst a sea of skinny jeans and large scarves will be a sugar rush from Heaven Sent Desserts.

Located in the heart of North Park at 3001 University Ave., Heaven Sent Desserts is not only the perfect place to stop by for a latte while studying, but it also provides a nice atmosphere to celebrate a birthday.

With its deep purple interior and jazz music streaming through the airwaves, this café and bakeshop has a warm and loving feeling – making it perfect for indulging in some tasty treats. In addition to the offerings that you can buy on a day-today basis, Heaven Sent also does specialty order of cakes for everything from a birthday to a wedding.

For the holiday season, they are also taking orders for specialty pies to help shorten the time you spend in the kitchen this month. Chocolate raspberry, apple, pumpkin and pecan are the four choices for those interested in ordering one.

A hot tea selection might help to warm up your chilled winter bones, but for a drink that is sure to fill you with seasonal cheer try to out the French toast latte. Made with hazelnut, maple syrup and cinnamon in addition to the espresso and steamed milk, this drink has a great classic flavor without overplaying the stereotypical pumpkin or egg nog flavors that are prominent this season.

The selection in the display case is ever-changing, but one option that almost always present is the “Irish Angel” cake. Layers of rich chocolate cake are alternated with layers of Bailey’s crème brûlée, lifting the cocoa bean to another level.

Heaven Sent’s Earl Grey tart is a definite must-try for the tea enthusiast. A chocolate-lined tart is layered with chocolate custard, tea-infused mousse and a shortbread cookie, dipped in chocolate.

Feeling a little frisky? Nothing says ‘I love you’ like fighting over the last bit of crème brûlée with your significant other. Its caramelized crust and smooth, vanilla-bean freckled custard help to melt all of life’s worries away.

Red velvet cake is certainly among the favorites of dessert fans, but with so many places now serving their take it can get a little played out.

Though Heaven Sent serves both a red velvet cupcake and cake by the slice (both equally epic), their red velvet parfait is where it’s at. Not for the faint of heart, thick layers of frosting, red velvet cake and sliced strawberries catapult this dessert into the top tier of choices.

From the unique desserts to the friendly staff, Heaven Sent Desserts is by far the best place to try out a range of confections that other places could never dream of.

Known for innovative delicacies, the earl grey tea tart is one such example of the unique offerings at Heaven Sent in North Park. The chocolate-lined tart shell is filled with a thin layer of chocolate custard before being topped with the tea-infused mousse and shortbread cookie. Photo Credit: Lauren J. Mapp/Editor-in-Chief