Something Newsy: Episode 10

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Something Newsy: Episode 10

Saida Hassan, Staff Writer

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Episode 10 is kicking off November with an intense conversation on the merits of a controversial new law signed recently by Governor Jerry Brown. This law, according to an NPR news article, would “… require publicly traded companies to have at least one woman on their board of directors.” It also mandates that “public companies whose principal executive offices are located in California to comply by the end of 2019.” We’ve provided our links below – let us know what you think!

Women should be in biotech and health care boardrooms. But mandating they be there is not the answer

The Newsy Crew

Erik Accosta-Host

Saida Hassan-producer and contributor

Cara Williams-producer and contributor

Libni Galicia-contributor

Leo Abustan-contributor

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