“Dead Man Down” keeps you guessing until the end

Jimmy Spillane, Staff Writer

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Victor (Colin Farrell) and Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) become crossed in each other’s lives and count on each other in their desperate attempts for revenge in the suspense thriller ” Dead Man Down.”

Victor and his friend Darcy (Dominic Cooper) join Alphonse’s (Terrance Howard) crime syndicate but little does Darcy know what Victor’s true intentions are. Alphonse begins receiving threatening packages with clips from a photograph with the package. He suspects a rival drug dealer at first and raids his safehouse. He confronts Roland (Stephen Hill) unexpectantly while he was busy with a hooker.

Alphonse claims Roland writes his number 7’s identical to that of the blackmailed package that he received that also contains the lucky number. Roland vehemently denies the accusation and swears he is not justified in killing him.

Victor and Beatrice live accross from each other in high-rise condominiums and communicate with other once in awhile. Beatrice watches Victor however and he seems to only acknowledge her when he has to. After speaking on the phone they decide to go have a drink. Victor notices the badly scarred face of Beatrice and she painfully explains that she was in a terrible car accident with a drunk driver.After drinks she suprises Victor with a video of him killing a man.

Beatrice exclaims that if Victor doesn’t kill the man responsible for her scar she will call the police and show them the video. Victor lets her out and the speeds off. Victor then tries to go on and finish his business with Alphonse and his crew for good. He is able to kill a few henchmen but the main culprit gets away as they spot him from the rooftop. Luckily before they catch up to him Beatrice swoops him up in her car saving him.

It is at this point where Victor tells Beatrice who he truly is and the horrific events of what happened to his family. He blames Alphonse and his crew for everything, as he will not stop until he gets retribution for his deceased loved ones. Beatrice agrees that if you scratch my back i’ll scratch yours; Victor then does his best to complete his end of the bargain.

Forever now the two are linked together for better or worse and now they have to see if the future they hope for each other will work out better than their destructive pasts.

The flow of this film is superb as the action-packed thriller keeps viewers on the edges of their seats. Niels Arden Oplev, who previously directed “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, does an amazing job of combining action, drama and bits of comedy when the picture needs it.

With Colin Farrell and Terrance Howard on the opposite ends of the spectrum, one is in for quite a performance by two excellent actors. Newcomer Noomi Rapace does an admirable job as the loveable, yet severely troubled,Beatrice. There are also several good performances by Isabelle Huppert who played Beatrice’s Mother, along with savvy veterans a F.Murray Abraham and Armand Assante.

“Dead Man Down” keeps your attention and keeps you holding on for the entire two hours and is worth the price of admission.