Customers rave over award-winning San Diego Donut Bar


Tantalizing donuts are placed on display at San Diego Donut Bar.

Linda Nguyen, Staff Writer

For years, Americans have enjoyed and indulged in the sweet delicacy of fluffy donuts.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and an appetite for for scrumptious fluffy fried desserts, San Diego’s Donut Bar is the perfect stop for you!

Donut Bar, a gourmet doughnut shop located at 631 B St in downtown San Diego has been ranked as one of the hottest donut shops in the U.S.

In April of 2015 alone, it was honored in’s list of “The 33 Best Donut Shops in America” and named in Fodor’ list of “10 Best Donut Shops in the U.S.” The copious amounts of honors hang proudly on display for all to see the moment you step into the dainty little donut shop.

Donut Bar features a large variety of different gourmet donuts. The selection of available donuts changes depending on the day, but a preview of the daily donuts are always available on their website at

Although Donut Bar is fairly small and cramped, don’t be intimidated by the long line of hungry customers, because the friendly staff members working the counter are quick to help out and quick to get that line moving along.

Richard Melendez, a frequent customer at Donut Bar states, “Upon entering the shop, you can really taste and feel the love of the place.” This holds true because not only is the staff working to accommodate each customer’s needs and helping their customers put together their selections, they are quick to hand out cute donut-shaped treats to your pets as well.

“Each customer at Donut Bar is treated with the same love and respect as if they were a part of the family themselves,” Melendez states.

The rave about Donut Bar is predominantly credited to the creative fillings and icings of their sweet confections.

A fan favorite, the Cinnamon Glob, was mentioned on a review by Fodor’s Travel as being “a delicious hole-less, buttery, doughy specialty rich in spices and sugar, making for the ultimate indulgent treat.”

Julia Tran, another regular at Donut Bar describes a second fan favorite, the Big Poppa Tart, as “a guilty pleasure”.

“They take a pop tart and stuff it in your donut in the most amazing way,” she raves, “I ate this entire pop-tart infused donut in one sitting and was definitely full afterwards! You won’t have to have lunch or dinner after eating this baby!”

When asked if she would recommend The Donut Bar to her friends, Tran responded, “One thing’s for sure, if you’ve never stopped by The Donut Bar for a tasty dessert, you are definitely missing out!”