Summer 2016 Recap

Popular trends throughout the summer.

Marshauna McGlothin, Staff Writer

Summer 2016 was another eventful summer with new changes and trends that might have made life just a tad bit more exciting. From apps to music and fashion here is a recap of the one-of-a-kind summer 2016.

Instagram shook social media this summer by releasing a new feature similar to Snapchat called “Stories.” This new feature allows Instagram users to post videos and photo that can be seen for only 24 hours. It’s similar to Snapchat except Instagram does not have the funky animal and ghost filter. However, Instagram does have the option to color and decorate your story on there.

Another mobile trend that hit the scene this summer as many of San Diego natives have seen is the Pokémon Go game app. This game was released July 6, 2016. This app took the country by storm. Balboa Park in San Diego, California was overcrowded with players trying to catch em all.

The game allows you to have customized trainers, allowing you to battle people for gyms once you join a team. Mesa College has their very own gym in the Pokémon Go app. This game is different from most, as Pokémon Go involves a lot of movement. You have to walk 1-2 mile just to hatch a virtual egg, which can’t be cheated. This game keeps track of your movement to complete this task. Just remember to be aware of your surroundings as the game states while playing for your safety!

Let us not forget the hot summer songs that took summer to a whole new level with the upbeat instruments used this year. There were 5 top songs (Not ranked in order) that were played over and over no matter where you went. The first song was “One Dance” by Drake featuring Wiz Kid and Kyla. This song had everyone rocking to the beat. The second song was “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. This up beat song makes the best beach cruising adventure song, filled with good times and memories.

Third is “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign. This is another top song that hit the charts this summer make it a perfect song to escape from reality. The fourth song is “Don’t Mind” by Kent Jones. The fifth and final song on the top 5 list is “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin Harris Featuring Rihanna. Rihanna’s voice to some people was unrecognizable in this what seems to be a techno pop song.

Music has a huge influence on fashion and with summer 2016 soon ending with the must have, it’s not too late for to get out and go get some big summer trends. Bomber jackets are in stores everywhere, and no matter what color or style you get this is a must have to end your summer and transition into fall. Another must have is Slouchy pants. Whether you’re on the go or at home lounging these are the no. 1 go to when you just need something quick to throw on.

A must have trend that was popular this summer was distressed jeans. If you have a pair of old jeans with holes in them don’t be afraid to wear them. Jumpsuits and rompers are still reigning as a top on the go choices. Lace up flats has also been a huge pick as seen in popular clothing stores. Whether you have a job interview or want to look decent for class this is a decision you won’t regret.

2016 was a summer full of up beat energy, good vibes, and top notch comebacks. Everyday there was something new for the world to see and experience. There’s so much more to come this fall 2016.