Marshauna McGlothin, Staff Writer

“American Horror Story” is back with season six and this time you get to enjoy this season as a fictional documentary. The documentary is called “My Roanoke Nightmare”, which stars married couple Shelby and Andre, as well as Andre’s sister Lee. They’re retelling their story of how they survived the paranormal events at their Virginia home. So far, the show is a chilling mystery where viewers get to learn more about the outcome of their paranormal days and nights. From being in a undisclosed location to the cops not taking them seriously, this family’s story is unlike no other that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Tired of waiting in extremely long lines this fall to get your food? Download apps for these locations to make your wait time no time! Starbucks, Wing Stop, Subway, Panera Bread, Jamba Juice, and Panda Express all have an order online option for those in a rush.

Electronic Arts is releasing a new expansion pack to the game Sims 4 called “City Living”. The game where you can play with lives is expected to launch their latest expansion pack on November 1st. This new expansion pack includes new traits, aspirations, and new homes to choose from in the city. The lot also has new traits. Some will be Cursed, Dirty and can have its own earthquake. You get to choose your own neighbors, however you can’t create and/or modify the apartment buildings. You will only be able to decorate the interior of your sims apartment.

The tech world keeps getting better and better. Apple pay has just improved more than ever for all you iPhone lovers out there. You can use Apple pay on your computer as long as you have the Safari web browser. With that you must use your iPhone or Apple watch to complete your purchase online.

Need money on the go? Download Vinted. This app is perfect for all the entrepreneurs out there to get a kick start on selling merchandise you don’t need anymore. Vinted is an app where you can sell a variety of clothing, accessories, and shoes. You can make your own profile on this app to sell and/or buy clothes. You can even bargain on selected items if the owner marks the item eligible for a bargain. This is really great for you fashion lovers out there to get a good deal on the clothes you want, and whether vintage or new, there is a lot to see on this apps. There is also an opportunity for you to build a huge fan-base with the items you’re selling and you have the potential to open your own online store.

Fall must haves are in and there is more to come! Knee-high boots are still in, for a night out on the town. In addition, add a nice suede handbag to match. In a rush to class? Throw on a printed design sweatshirt or even a baseball shirt. You can never go wrong with adding chino and cargo pants. The main colors of fall revolve around earth tones such as neutrals and dark shades of greens, browns, reds, and gold.