Sugar and spice the holidays are nice

Marshauna McGlothin, Staff Writer

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As the year gets closer to ending we are now in the times of holidays the bring us joy and wonderful food. Every year the must eat, drink, and buy food consist mostly of pumpkin.

From pumpkin pie squares to pumpkin spice coffee and even pumpkin cheesecake there are endless possibilities to what you can do with pumpkins. Every year the pumpkin spice latte is what Starbucks lovers wait for. Never understood the obsession, however the red cup it’s poured in says it all.

What is the origin of the pumpkin desert and drinks? Why does it make people go crazy every year? Digging deeper into the pumpkin fascination I’ve come to learn that it’s just the evolution of creative new ways to consume food. Everyone is always looking into new yummy recipes to make at home.

Tired of pumpkin? No problem, as there are other fun recipes to try during the holidays. Now is the time make your own drinks and snacks for your friends and family. Why not kick off the holiday season by catching the gingerbread man in your mocha. Why not add whip cream and let your gingerbread man hangout in the warm cup.

With different companies out there that make gingerbread cookies and dough, this is one of the popular treats sold during the holiday seasons. There are endless creative ideas you can go by when making this treat. The old school gingerbread house is one popular activity families love to do together during the holidays.

Cinnamon is a great spice to use to make tasty treats and to add in your favorite beverages. Cinnamon-Sugar snowflakes might be the easiest fast treat to make in 10 minutes or less. All you need is tortilla, white sugar, cinnamon, and melted butter. What makes this treat unique is that it’s perfect to serve at holiday parties, whether you’re hosting one or going to a potluck this is an affordable treat.

You can never go wrong with the classic hot chocolate beverage. This holiday beverage can be transformed into many different yummy treats. One highly recommended is making the hot chocolate s’mores version. This fun tasty summer camping treat is a great alternative for the holidays.

With a nice hot cup of the chocolate beverage topped with toasted marshmallows, followed by chocolate syrup, you can even top it with your favorite chocolate bar or even melt it. Then to top it all off you can crumble your favorite choice of crackers on top, making it the perfect hot chocolate s’more this holiday season.

Another great holiday treat to make is Rice Krispy treat shape Christmas trees and ornaments. With the use of marshmallows, Ride Krispy cereal, frosting and butter you can have this delicious treat in less than an hour. This is a promising treat that won’t disappoint you. It will bring you back to your childhood days during your classroom Christmas parties.

One Last non-pumpkin treat that’s highly recommended for the holidays is sugar cookies. You can buy them or make them at home with the use of cookie holiday shaped cutters. Don’t forget the yummy buttercream frosting to top off the cookie with red and green sprinkles. There’s different techniques and strategies posted online on different cooking websites that you can add your own twist to it. You can turn this holiday treat into an affordable yummy gift for your friends and family.

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