Open mic: root scholars speaking their truth

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San Diego Mesa College held the black history event OPEN MIC: Roots Scholars “Spoken Soul” on Feb.20.
This event was led by Themika Mayasa, professor and the head of the black studies department. The first segment of this experience was a book reading from “Jim & Louena’s Homemade Heart-Fix Remedy” by Bertice Berry. This book breaks down all problems in sex that the public dare not to speak about . The crowd was not prepared for the descriptive language associated with the text, so there was a lot of uncomfortable laughter. Even though the book might be overbearing, it touches issues relating to sex that we need to solve in society.
The next segment was the actual open mic. This opened the floor for any artist to showcase their pieces of art they have composed. It was a mix of poets and student who wanted to vocalize something they had on their chest.
Vyncent Ifill, a 25-year-old , student from Mesa college, performed two heart wrenching poems. “The event was liberating,” said Ifill. “Getting things off your chest you know that… vibrate deep within you an releasing it is was therapeutic.” Being able to express emotions in a safe place was the mission.
The purpose of this event is to let students indulge in having a chance to bear their truth and not be judged. “It was beautiful seeing other people step up to the stage whom i never seen perform before. Get up and share something that was on their heart, or moved them. This experience provide something different , making other see in a different light. ” stated by Ifill.
Professor Starla lewis constantly asserts “The more we reveal, the more we heal.”

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