Come and eat at Italianissimo Trattoria!


great desserts picture taken by Karina Bazarte

Karina Bazarte, staff writer

In Downtown Chula Vista, you can find a delicious Italian restaurant named Italianissimo Trattoria. With 4.5 out of 5 stars, this family restaurant has captured many smiles, especially with fresh products imported from Italy.

Italianissimo Trattoria makes sure guests leave with an incredible feeling about returning. Italianissimo trattoria started over 30 years ago. After Aniello Zaino stopped serving on Italian cruise ship, he stayed in San Diego. Zaino later met Emanuele Lanni, and they became business partners, later opening their own restaurant, Italianissimo Trattoria.

Italianissimo Trattoria has both a lunch menu and a dinner menu. The menu has a gluten free pasta, whole wheat pasta, salads, wine, and delicious Italian desserts. Spaghetti Carbonara is one of their most popular dishes, it is a traditional italian dish containing bacon, onions, and parmesan cream sauce.

Italianissimo Trattoria is located at 323 3rd Ave. Chula Vista, come and visit this amazing place.