‘Homesick’ for old A Day to Remember

Christina Moran

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Florida pop-punk hardcore hybrid band A Day To Remember is now on tour with The Devil Wears Prada to promote their new album. Dubbed “Homesick,” it seems like an appropriate name for their new album, written on the road while on extensive tours around the world.

Starting out acapella with a breakdown in “The Downfall Of Us All,” and ending with “If It Means A Lot To You,” there’s not much to write home about in between. Almost every song on here sounds the same, with the same upbeat feeling found on Stick To Your Guns albums. There’s no song like “A Shot In The Dark” from “For Those Who Have Heart,” or “1958” from “And Their Name Was Treason,” songs that define A Day To Remember’s sound. ADTR has lost a big part of what they used to be.

Granted, “Mr. Highway’s Thinking Of You,” and “Have Faith In Me” are pretty good examples of the old style blending with the new style, but “Homesick” doesn’t bring anything too new to the table or make a big fuss about, well, anything. Almost every instrumental section dubbed a “breakdown” isn’t very pleasing to the ear and sounds the same as every other breakdown on the album.

The purpose of a breakdown in hardcore, of any kind is generally to play half tempo to slow the song down, and showcase the band members’ talent, if any. Unfortunately for ADTR, when every song sounds the same and any special skills with instruments are really displayed, what is the point? To torture listeners with the same old thing over and over? This isn’t a repetitive techno song, it’s supposed to be a groundbreaking album worth the long wait.

For fans that have waited two and a half years for something new to come from Florida, good for you. Be prepared to wait a few more years. Newer fans that are discovering ADTR, take what you hear with caution. “Homesick” serves only as a filler album between the classic, old sounds and the excellent new music this band has the potential to become. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the stretch from a good attempt to a great album.

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