The Abridged History of Hispanic Food


Leo Abustan, Photo Editor

According to David Juliao, of whom has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and has done research on arts and design, his article in about Mexican food explains that this particular Hispanic food is probably the most known throughout the world, such as tacos and burritos.

There are many different kinds of Hispanic food, and just because they are called the same in the Spanish speaking countries, that does not make them the same food. In Spain, for example, tortilla is actually the equivalent to an omelette. In Mexico and Central America, tortillas are the same as plain baked masa.

Rice and beans are staples of the Hispanic cuisines, but they are not all made the same in the different Hispanic cultures. According to, “…in Cuba, you’ll find slow-cooked beans; in Peru fava and white beans; in Mexico, pinto beans…”

Mexican food, as it is made in Mexico, and as stated in an online article from, “It is believed that Mexican cuisine was derived from what the Mayan Indians prepared as far as 2000 years ago.”

The Smithsonian( on American History of the Mexican food reports that, Concepción “Concha” Sanchez and Abundio Sanchez,  mexican immigrants who started the Mexican Food Revolution in the USA, migrated to America from Mexico in 1912. According to the Smithsonian, “they worked in Kansas, Texas and in the produce of California, eventually opening a grocery store”but the store  did not survive the Great Depression. In order to support her family, Concha, created a tortilleria and began selling tortillas in her neighborhood. The tortilla corn tortilla has eventually become a significant part of an American meal after the 1950.

Around this time, the American companies wanted to tap into the growing Latino market and over time the tortilla chips, taco shells, and burritos has became a main staple in the American convenience stores and grocery stores.

In the 1890s, Adelaida Cuellar started selling handmade tamales in Texas, and not long after that, in 1928, she opened her own restaurant which was then expanded in the 1950s by her family, the El Chico Tex-Mex restaurant chain. Many have copied them, including Taco-Bell, according to the Smithsonian.

So where are these historic restaurant chain located? Well, they are located in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas and yes, even in Egypt and United Arab Emirates. The specifics of where they are in this states and country, can be found on their website