Minimal pop in ‘Coexist’

Andrew Fernandez, Staff Writer

September 11, 2012

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Three years after their popular and critically acclaimed self-tilted LP, the XX (stylized as “xx”) release their sophomore album “Coexist”. Formed in London in 2008, the group emerged in the music scene with a splash and...

Top movies coming this fall

Joe Llorin, Features Editor

September 11, 2012

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Ask anyone­- this summer has been one of the hottest we’ve ever experienced- and not just literally. It’s been a sizzling year in a wide assortment of categories like politics, science, sports and of course, movies. “The...

Bay gets festive

Kyla Brown, Staff Writer

September 6, 2012

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The 18th annual Pacific Islander Festival is geared up to party island style through live music, dance performances, and mouthwatering food Sept. 22-23 at Ski Beach in Mission Bay. The festival will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday...

‘Sound of My Voice’ a hard film to follow

Lauren J. Mapp, Editor-in-Chief

April 24, 2012

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Mystery, intrigue and more than a hint of wrong doing infiltrate the trailer, but screenwriter and actor Brit Marling’s newest film “Sound of My Voice” will disappoint anyone hoping for the next big psychological thriller. Directed...

Psychological thriller ‘Silent House’ not as scary as pegged

Curtis Manlapig, Staff Writer

March 20, 2012

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The psychological thriller “Silent House” follows a young woman, Sarah, as she endures a traumatic horrifying experience inside of her family’s lake house. Sarah, portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen, is accompanied by her father...

Kensington Grill serves up gourmet treats

Lauren J. Mapp, Editor-in-Chief

March 20, 2012

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Kensington Grill, located in Kensington at 4055 Adams Ave., may appear to be a small restaurant in a cozy San Diegan neighborhood, but its quality of food and service far outweigh the restaurants downtown. A swanky but rustic...

Locally Sourced Meals: Whole grains increase fiber

Lauren J. Mapp, Editor-in-Chief

March 20, 2012

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Saying “you are what you eat” may be cliché, but unfortunately for many Americans – with diets based on fast food menus and frozen dinners – this cliché is incredibly true to form. One of the most prominent issues...