Quartet Luminoso comes to Mesa College

Reilly Buckenham, Features Editor

March 5, 2020

San Diego is filled with many incredibly talented people of all backgrounds and Mesa College has given its students an opportunity to witness that greatness, specifically, within the music community. That opportunity being an admi...

The Reality of the Vietnam War

Alexandra Aboukhater, Staff Writer

November 15, 2019

                  During the week following Veterans Day, San Diego Mesa College hosted a panel discussion for students titled the “Chicano Experiences in Vietnam”. The Nov. 6 discussion panel was arranged to honor veterans, but also to discuss and dive into the Chicano/a community’s role in the Viet...

Alexandra Aboukhater

Alexandra Aboukhater, Staff Writer

October 29, 2019

This is my second year at San Diego Mesa College and my first working with Mesa Press. My main focus in this class is to progress with my writing. If I'm not busy studying or working you can find me taking photos around Downtown.  ...

Low-riders raise funds for Raza Grad

David Doss, Sports Editor

October 12, 2019

San Diego Mesa College is currently fundraising for this year’s annual Raza Graduation, with their latest event being a classic car show. With the help of Mesa facilities staff members, Ruben and Eddie, Mesa College teamed ...

Death Experience returns to Mesa

Ian Caffarel, Sports Editor

May 14, 2019

On Wednesday, March 20, students at San Diego Mesa College were treated to the Death Experience, an exhibit meant to educate students on the harsh realities of drunk and distracted driving. The Death Experience, put on by Mesa Student...