Rape Aggression Defense is “RAD”

Essence McConnell, Staff Writer

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Ladies, listen up. A basic self-defense training program has come to San Diego City College District. Presented by the SDCCD Police Department, Rape Aggression Defense will be featured for women only, reaching out to both female staff and students.

R.A.D. was founded by ex-Marine, ex law enforcement at Christopher Newport University Police Department and College of William and Mary Police Department, the old Dominion Police Department, and RedMan Advisory Board and Assistant to the Director of Training for RedMan, Lawrence N. Nadeau. Nadeau has many more accomplishments, and to this day continues to teach self-defense and police tactics. Not only does he teach physically, but Nadeau teaches mentally and has written several instructional training manuals, teaching philosophies he’s learned along with military techniques.

Nadeau started R.A.D. in 1989 where he worked as Executive Director until 1998 when he turned the program management to his 4 top senior female Staff Instructors. R.A.D. is now internationally known for self-defense education, here to educate not just women, but children, men, elderly, and anyone willing to learn the art of self-defense.

While this program is fully accredited, it has been taught in over 3500 colleges and universities, cities and counties, and state police departments, but mainly known for its teachings throughout women’s resource centers around the country.

The reason why SDCCD will only be holding this workshop for strictly women is because our SDCCD Police Department has only been trained in R.A.D. for women. This does not mean men cannot acquire these same opportunities for self-defense. There are over 45 R.A.D. locations in the state of California. In the San Diego area we have a few R.A.D. programs, San Diego Community College, University San Diego, GEM reMADE, and several independent instructors here to help.

If one chooses to attend a workshop in the Mesa, City, or Miramar campus, one can expect to learn real life self-defense tactics and techniques, awareness of one’s surroundings, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, confidence building, and the basics of hands on defense training.

It has also been common for past students to come to classes and share their stores.

DeAnn Griffin, R.A.D. coordinator explains, “There have been women who have applied their techniques in real life situations and have come back and shared what has happened and what technique they used.”

Each class is 6 hours long from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., 12 hours total, broken down into two sessions and both sessions must be attended.

Unfortunately, the first class started September 21st here at Mesa College and the second will be the 28th, but it’s not too late to attend City College’s workshop on October 12th and 19th, or Miramar College’s workshop on November 2nd and 9th.

Take advantage of these courses because they only come around twice a school year. R.A.D. will come back in spring semester where times and dates will be available nearer to spring.

If interested, register with Officer DeAnn Griffin, or contact her for any further information needed.

Phone: 619-388-341

Email: dgriffin@sdccd.edu

For further information on the program, you can also visit http://www.rad-systems.com

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