Umoja celebrate their commit to excellence

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San Diego Mesa College’ Umoja collaborated with the Counseling center, the diversity committee and the black studies department held a Commitment Ceremony to end the celebration of black history month on Feb. 27.
The ceremony was lead by Michael Temple, a counselor and professor at San Diego Mesa College, and was accompanied by Thekima Mayasa, professor and Head of the Black studies department and Judy Sundayo, a Counselor and a member of the diversity committee.
Sundayo lead the first activity were student closed their eyes and drew themselves with their non dominant hands and a short excerpt. After that they would open their eyes and write a short excerpt on how the drawing made them feel without letting their hand leave the paper throughout the whole process. This activity was for students to look at their lives through commitment they have made and are going to make in the future.
One of those students was Michael Blair . Blair stated that “ the activity was very interesting, I loved it. It just made me think about life and my past choices and what choices I will make in the future”
The next activity was lead by Mayasa. She explained Nguzo Saba ( the seven Principles of Kwanzaa) and how they relate to the statements given about the pictures that were drawn. Mayasa stated ”Through our discussion students were able to see that many of the thing that they had said as individuals or a collective were a representation of all the different principle of Ma’at. Being able to recognize through your reflection your own purpose.”
Temple added “As we are aware, students are having to make critical decisions related to employment, housing, life goals, and clarification of self-identify. Therefore, Professor Mayasa’s exercise used the Nguzo Saba as a means for helping students to structure their physical and social changes and the seven principles will also help in guiding students on their inner-personal journey.”

The last activity was for students to broadcasted what they gained from the experience. Student varied from poetry to emotion filled outburst. The purpose of the commitment celebration was to see student understand the value in not only committing to themselves, but to commit to their community, their excellence, and the generation to comes.

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