SDCCD creates district police task force

SDCCD creates a district police task force that will investigate campus polices policies and history.

Mesa Office of Communications

SDCCD creates a district police task force that will investigate campus police’s policies and history.

Rosanne Bangalan, Co-editor-in-chief

As the nation continues to protest and demand for radical police reform, businesses and schools have taken a staunch position in denouncing white supremacy and other racist ideals that aid in violence against Black men and women. 

The San Diego Community College District has also shared the same sentiments on disavowing these unjustified killings and creating a safe space for marginalized students and staff.

Jack Beresford, the Director of Communications and Public Relations of SDCCD, says “The district supports national efforts to remove practices that have led to civilian injuries and death and alarmed at the growing climate in which white supremacy and other movements threaten the fabric of our democratic society.”

In response, Chancellor Constance M. Carroll, along with the help of the District governance, has moved forward in establishing a district police task force; this will be composed of students, professors, administrators, and classified professionals. 

According to the District Governance Council, the task force will be responsible for reviewing the history of campus police, along with their policies and practices “as it pertains to SDCCD police.” The investigation will be presented to Chancellor Carroll no later than December 2020.

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