What to expect for Fall 2022


Jennifer Aguilar/The Mesa Press

COVID-19 has brought so much uncertainty to the past couple of semesters and for sure will exist for Fall 2022.

Jennifer Aguilar, Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: On May 18, the new president of San Diego Mesa College was announced- Dr. Ashanti Hands. 

   COVID-19 has affected SDCCD’s schools among many other colleges, universities, and K-12. There is so much uncertainty about what is to happen for the upcoming school year, specifically Fall 2022.

   San Diego Mesa College fully reopened this semester-Spring 2022 followed by; mask and vaccine mandates, a new quad, and no required parking permits. 

   There are so many things to expect for Fall 2022. 

    As of now, proof of full vaccination will be required in order to enroll in face-to-face classes, including booster vaccines. “Students must provide booster documentation by Friday, August 12th or they will be dropped from their Fall 2022 in-person class,” according to a COVID-19 update from SDCCD made on Feb., 15. If you received your COVID-19 booster, you can update your vaccination card here. Masks will also be required on campus. However, these things are subject to change for this upcoming semester. 

  If you are taking fully online classes, you will not be required to get vaccinated. 

   As for counseling services, it is said that they will finally be available in-person and also through Zoom. 

   Parking permits have not been required for this semester or the past one,  which has been a relief for many students financially. However, the requirement for parking permits this upcoming semester is said to start again. 

Mesa will welcome a new facility, The Pride Center, which will provide a “safe campus space for anyone regardless of their sexual orientation, ethnic heritage and/or cultural background,” according to a flyer posted on Mesa’s Instagram(sdmesacollege). There will be a variety of services offered within this facility such as academic, career, and personal counseling, events that honor identities/intersectionality, leadership opportunities, and so much more. If students have questions or want more information, they can contact Lucio Lira at llira@sdccd.edu.

   A new president will be announced this semester, hence Fall 2022 is also going to be under new leadership that will be the start of a new era for Mesa.

   With COVID-19 bringing so much uncertainty who knows what else can be expected this upcoming fall.