Cyber Cynical

Nicole DeJesus

In lieu of the most recent YouTube upset, I beg the assumption that the longer we have this technology available, the worse the videos will get and intern the number our society will become.

Recently two U.S. Marines taped themselves throwing a puppy off a cliff and while laughing about it. Sure there has always been cruelty in the world and there are far worst crimes being committed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq right now, but it’s the desire to catch it on tape and show it off to the world that is altering the balance between good and evil. As long as our generation utilizes the internet to try and have the most viewed demented video, we’re in trouble.

As I peruse YouTube I get the creeps. Who are these people? I watched the same clip they did, yet felt no impulse to web cam my response for the world to see. Gone are the days where boredom meant having to read a magazine or hang out with some friends. Now teens and twenty somethings have the internet to keep them company, the internet is their friend.

It must stem from people’s overwhelming fascination with fame. It’s like, life is short so get one and stop hoping that one day you’ll be recognized for 2.5 seconds before the next idiot debuts the new “it” video. Why would anyone want to be ostracized by the media and labeled as the stereotypical marine who murdered a puppy for the rest of their lives anyways? Hello?

I understand Myspace and Facebook, those are pretty much the new AOL instant messenger with some flare. It’s the obsession with streaming video I don’t get. Not to mention all the readily available porn.

According to a report on, there was a video last November posted of a 25 year-old mother being gang raped in front of her two children, both under five years old. The video was seen by 600 people, some of them probably children, before YouTube received notice to take it down.

How is this website still up and running? Let me break down what streamed into 600 peoples homes a few months ago; three boys, two of them 16 and one of them 14, spiked a woman’s champagne with drugs and then took turns with her visibly lifeless body while taping it on their cell phone in front of her toddlers.

It’s bad enough we have to live on the same planet as these animals, but now we are enabling them to teach kids around the world how to sedate and take advantage of women.

The Internet should be infiltrated by the government and treated as a national threat to our country’s kids. Seriously though, imagine what perverted minds the next generation are going to have. As the years dwindle by so are the morals of our youth.