Mock-Opinion: Zombie Apocalypse could be around the corner

Gisela Lagos, Editor-in-Chief

While Halloween has passed, so long as the Mayan Calendar is around talks about the apocalypse will never go out of style and a zombie apocalypse seems to be a favorite for most.  Phone app makers have provided phone apps that may help train for such an apocalypse or at the very least entertain you with the idea of zombies.

Zombie, Run! is a simple application that uses your location on a map to warn you of zombie infested areas.  As you walk around your day, you can turn on the app and train for the inevitable zombie apocalypse with this simulated situation.  Free run from one location to another avoiding hordes or a single stray zombie.

Zombieville USA is a shootem-up game with good cartoon graphics.  It teaches the player to use different weapons to kill and slow zombies.  Multi-tasking as you kill a zombie and run to a safe point or house to move on to each level.

Zombie Farm has been criticized for its unrealistic use of zombies.  “Why don’t the zombies kill the farmer?” people have asked.  In the case of training for a post zombie apocalypse one has to learn how to train and use their zombies.  Zombie Farm does just that! The zombie gathering patch shows that you have to corral your zombies for future use.  Aim them towards a single purpose and send them out.

Zombie Life is a good training app in case you are turned into a zombie.  After a Zombie Apocalypse, humans will inevitably try to rebuild civilization and this app shows how a person who has been turned into a zombie could blend into society.  By making sure that the zombie smell is down to a minimum and learning how to get a job, a zombie could survive in the new civilization for quite some time.

Plants vs. Zombies is just unrealistic.  This app gives a scenario where zombies are attacking you and you are defending yourself with animated plants.  Why would a virus that reanimates corpses animate plants as well.  There is very little practical training value for Plants vs. Zombies in the case of a real Zombie Apocalypse.

ZombieSmash is an app that will teach you how to truly protect your home.  Using guns, landmines, rocks and yourself, a player will simulate protecting their home in the instance of a zombie attack.

There are many downloadable apps that will help in the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse, the ones listed are only a few available, but will help you better your chances of survival.