KC’s Reading Korner

Suggestions to students for summer reading

KC Longley, Staff Writer

Since the end of the semester is coming up, it seems appropriate to highlight some of the most highly anticipated books that will be released over summer vacation.

This summer is full of many genres that audiences have to look forward to. Some of the most popular themes for the summer of 2016 seem to be books on family, leaving a sense of longing for those that have passed. Or books on the significance of life versus death, as well as the suspenseful novels that always keep readers at the edge of their seat. Of course, there are the fantasy books that people from all generations look forward to.

Although it has already been released, “Zero K” by Don DeLillo was greatly anticipated purely due to the award-winning author. Released on May 3, “Zero K” follows main character, and narrator, Jeffrey Lockhart as he experiences his father Ross taking part in trying to conserve his wife’s body. The world they live in includes a secret compound completely invested in controlling death and preserving bodies. These bodies are kept preserved until they could be used in medical advances sometime in the future. However odd the plot may seem, the book raises questions for the readers when it comes to life and death. One can read this and be reminded of people in their own lives that may live life in the shadows, afraid to truly live, versus taking life as it comes and being grateful for every day that they have.

Books that connect readers present day to events in history tend to be some of the most intriguing stories to read. “A Hero of France” by Alan Furst is centered on the French Resistance in Nazi occupied Paris, expected to come out on May 31. This novel follows the leader of the French Resistance, Mathieu, and a group of people helping in the resistance. As their efforts grow and it becomes more pressing to avoid the police to stop them, readers are left on the edge of the seat to see what happens. Furst is described as “a grandmaster of the historical espionage genre,” according to The Boston Globe.

A story that hits readers right in the heart would be “Here’s to Us” by Elin Hilderbrand, which is expected to be released to the public on June 14. This story will ring true to anyone who has ever experienced a death close to home. “Here’s to Us” follows the family of late Deacon Thorpe, an adventurous man whose untimely departure leaves his complicated family, which consists of his three wives and children, and his best friend reeling to get some answers. While the plot has a sad beginning, readers will experience a journey of gratitude, forgiveness and eventually love through the thoughts and emotions of each of these people that one man brought together.

Filling the desire for fantasy, another installment of the Harry Potter world will make its presence known on July 31. “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. This eighth story picks up nineteen years after the end of Rowling’s last novel in the series, following Harry Potter in his adult life as well as his youngest son, who is struggling to live in the shadow of his fathers past. Fans of all ages will have the opportunity to experience the magic once again, as well as see the lives of a father and son play off of each other more than expected.